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Here's an essential character to the storyline of Mutant 59. Her name is Kari, and she has the power of clairvoyance. Another unique thing about her is her memory is unaffected by the freezing. She remembers everything about herself and knows things that may uncover the other mutants' identities.

Later on in the story, the Kannists begin to try and enlist the mutants into the military to use their powers against the Renegades. It's easy for someone like Jonas because he has always been a starfighter pilot. Those mutants that protest against these draftings, however, go into hiding. Kari is no different.

Because of this characteristic, some of the mutants who, upon meeting her and talking with her have learned their identities, find her somewhat of importance. They become her unofficial bodyguards, protecting her for other mutants who have yet to find out who they are. In fact, Jonas goes off to find her at one point in the story to discover the truth about himself...and the truth is...I'm not telling a soul.

C&C well appreciated! Questions and comments too on the storyline would be appreciated, please!
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The skirt looks a little flat. Why not try for some pleats or something?

Al the clothes are flat and skin-tight. It would look better if the clothes looked more like... well, clothes.