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Tabitha, Hoplite of Power

w00t! Another Mutant 59 related pic! This be Tabitha, one of the nine Hoplites who make up Phalanx. Of the Nine, she alone continues to retain the appearance of when she first came to be. Her skin is actually in fact a silicon-based, elemental resistance latex that's designed to feel exactly like real skin. Beneath is an endoskeletal cyborg body. She retains this appearance to make her more appealing to the humans and mutants she often cooperates with. Aside from running a sector of the Renegade Empire, she is also responsible mainly for training new recruits into Phalanx.

Her power is not exactly a potent one. Basically, her power taps into the parts of the body that signal the message that tell the brain to use pisonic powers: the mitochondria. Not only by manually overriding the mitochondria with her mind can she unlock the hidden psionic powers of other living beings, but the mitochondria began adding commands for physical mutations, dramatically changing a creature. For a human, it merely transforms them into a mutant. She's basically like a walking zeta-six enzyme, though her power can affect other creatures as well.

A downside is that her power, how much input she puts into telling the mitochondria to unlock its power, can have further side effects, such as the unlocking of chronic diseases and epidemic. A mutant who had been known with a history of diabetes but showing no symptoms whatsoever can find himself with it. Also, she has overall, no control over the mutations done by the mitochondria. THe body has stored what changes would be made if such a trigger were started. She is merely the key to it.

Though she dislikes confrontations, she is actually a formidable opponent, possessing two different weapons. One of which is a high tech spear. the head has four serrated blades attached to a pivotal joint. When the electrical battery is turned on, the spear head spins, transforming it into a sort of blender! O:

Next, her sword is composed of liquid metal, the sheath serving as an insulator, containing enough cold to keep the sword solid for weeks. As a last resort, she'll attempt to stab targets with it, making it break, but also causing the metals to seep into the body. There are a large amount of lethal metallic elements with the swords alloy components, some of them fatal.

Finally, as a last weapon, she possesses a shield. The shield itself is made from durasteel, but also comes equipped with an energy siphon system, draining energy attacks as they come to her. Energy transformers convert energy attacks into pure energy and are absorbed into the shield's circuits, increasing battery life and shield strength. Unfortunately, with enough energy the shield can be overloaded.

PErsonality comes later! C&C well appreciated!
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If I were to add one thing its that I hate Pencil crayons more than hate itself. They often make my eyes bleed. They can be used to great effectiveness but sometimes are horrible.

Zooming in on this picture kind of ruins it a bit. The line art, the design, detail, and shading look really nice but the gaps that pencil crayon leaves those ...white dots all over the place bother me a bit.

Id suggest maybe trying something like a pencil oil pastel, markers....or I think there are different grades of pencil crayons. Aside from that it looks nice. Cool story and weapon design as well.

It makes me just want to...draw and explain one of my characters so much cause I have so many stories! gah! *flops*