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SW-10 Full Aquatic Suit

The 10th model of the Seawolf Class Aquatic Suits, this is a state of the arts ADS power suit for deep sea purposes. Much like its predecessors, this sucessing suit is not made for battle. It's designed for simple research and observation purposes, specifically for the Science Division of the Ten Empires.

The whole suit is assembled with the diver stepping in the lower half while another puts on the upper half. Machinery then locks the suit in place while attaching the robotic arms, propellers, power supply and helmet. Once the power is turned on, the Diver is capable of moving, if somewhat slow. A safety check is then done before proceeding to the flood docks where they begin departure.

The suit's arms and legs are designed to rotate on segmented rings similar to space astronaut suits. It's Cerium Steel Armor makes it very durable yet cumbersome without the power supply on the back. in fact, the wearer cannot move at all until it's fed power from it's two acid-free, water safe and rechargeable wet cell batteries. Vacuum-sealed and well insulated, it can function even in extreme temperatures.

It can propel forward using the two high powered propellor's on the sides. It explores the environment around it using those long robotic hands which are neurally controlled in synch with the wearer's real hands. Cameras are fitted on the sides of the helmet to feed information to the nearby sea lab and submarine, serving as its eyes. Lighting on the chest and helmet attracts creatures, however, even on low settings, but there are no real predator threats save the ironside crabs, which are extremely territorial.

If there were ever to be sunlight to peer through the ocean, UV Screens protect their eyes and are flapped over the face. This is done because Aquarius III has no Ozone Layer. Even though 90% Radiation and Light is reflected off the thick layer of ice, there's been moments where flashes of radiation and searing light gets through. In situations like this, camera imaging is switched to Infrared and Night Vision.

The Power supply on its back provides enough power and life support for the suit to, by itself, move and function for 24 hours, but it lasts longer when its attached to the submarine, where it increases by 200 percent. The divers sit on metal baskets attached to umbilical feeders which supply extra power, life support and communication from the compact sub...though it does shorten trips if only a little.

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