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SS-21 Class Carrier

This oddly-shaped Carrier is the 21st model of the “Sand Shark” class. A dated model, it is a double decker Carrier, having two large hangars able to support over thirty smaller craft each, coming to a total of over sixty craft. As a result, the number of pilots outnumbers the very crew piloting the carrier itself. Squadron Leaders are trained to look after and discipline crew members as standard protocol applies.

The Carrier itself is not designed for combat, housing minimum weapons, but can defend itself when needed. A flaw in the design shows a vulnerable area beneath the ship where the primary engine is located. It relies on fighters to protect this area.

Technicians tell those who pilot it to not judge it by its clumsy shape. The SS-21 has become a mainstay in the space force due to its large carrying capacity and its ability to jam radar, though later models that can lack its weakness may replace it much later.

The SS-21 has a single Nebula Engine, with mobile auxilary engines all position on the sides or beneath the ship, allowing very sharp turns. It is programmed with the standard 3 O-Stage system, making it somewhat lacking in strategic fighting. It will function best at O-Stage 1, where it can take advantage of its defenses.

Weapon Systems
The Carrier itself is not completely defenseless, though it was never designed for combat. It is armed with two ESB-100 launcher racks and four Mk-III Pulse Cannons. It lacks any proper weapons to defend it from capital ships, relying on other ships for support.

Mk-III Pulse Cannons are four barreled laser turrets that come equipped with a particle accelerator, allowing it the ability to charge up by gathering power from the fusion generator. Holding it for anything as long as five seconds will result in a much more devastating blast; however, anything longer will overheat the cannon, activating emergency circuit breakers and rendering the cannon useless.

The ship is equipped with two medium-sized energy generators and an EM shield generator, which is quickly becoming standard issue for smaller craft. It's armor is composed of Titanite instead of the more condensed Karmonzium to make it faster, though it doesn't seem to help.

If needed it can use its radar scramblers to emit a frequency that disrupts imaging to all enemy ships in the form of a virus. As a dated model, Renegades have most likely developed an anti-virus system against it. A patch version must be distributed quickly to continue proving useful.


At some point in Kannist History, a commander had decided it would be fun to have a part of his own carrier be renovated for the purposes of Entertainment and Recreation. Ever since then, a branch off of the SS-21 has been developed for casual, commercial use. These cousins of the SS-21 have been nicknamed “Animal Houses” for the wild parties often thrown aboard. If you ever get on one of these ships, get ready to party until you drop. :P

C&C well appreciated! :3
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I like this one! It's kind of like a fish!