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Rikard Aidan

Another member of the Lion Clan, but this time a Cougar! O: Haven't done one of those in a while. Best of all, this guy shall be a recurring character! Yay!

This is Rikard Aidan, still a rookie and learning the fundamentals and one of the subordinates under Captain O'Rion's command. Easy-going with a quick temper, self-expressing, a party animal and a lover of music, he is a big fan of Howling Metallico, a style of music unique to Kannist culture but having a narrow ranging fan base between 15-24 years of age. His piercings, spiked collars, wristband and new tattoo are all tributes to his favorite Howling Metal Band, “LuNACi”(It's spelled a different way than how I typed it here. I'll write it out sometime. Oh, and that's exactly how it's written too, not in Gaean.). Even his hairstyle is a direct imitation of his favorite member, the drummer Schizo Wendigo.

He only wears the accessories on his free time, however. While on duty, Rikard takes it very seriously. He had to learn the hard way in basic training. While his platoon was doing drills, his drill sergeant caught him in his quarters, listening to his band's newest album on a MC2 Player. The drill sergeant had it all confiscated and worked him into the muscular build he has now. Eventually, he got them back, but he had learned his lesson.

After basic training, he was assigned under Jonas O'Rion's command. His relation with the Fox Mutant is like a good College Buddy. At first, Rikard had expected a rather strict commanding officer. After a couple confrontations and conversations however, that all changed. He found that they both had similar interests, and they formed a friendship in a matter of weeks. They've had pool parties, went to concerts(He got Jonas into Howling Metallico), and have gotten wasted loads of times. Even so, despite how many chicks they've encountered, they've had little or no luck settling a stable relationship with the right women.

He has received some promotion during his time as a pilot, but he doesn't exactly have much drive to get any further. Jonas has been pushing him to try and work harder to get promoted, but Rikard feels rather comfortable in his low ranking position. He often found commissioned officers to being all about rules and regulations and no fun at all(With an exception to Jonas.).

Howling Metallico

Howling Metallico is a form of underground heavy metal unique to Kannists. A mixture of death metal, industrial goth music, and hip hop, it is often focused on bending the crowd to its will with great effectiveness, though there are a few casual tunes. It invokes a specific pattern of feral behavior, depending on the song. Common themes range from violence to sex and even fear. The band itself must play at a safe distance from the crowd itself to avoid injury, and will hire bodyguards if necessary.

It is a type of music for those who like to live on the edge, and is not for the faint of heart. Kannists and Berserkers have been killed or raped or seriously traumatized from it(Berserkers are more easily affected by the music). Due to a repetitive history of lawsuits, promoted Howling Metallico has been censored dramatically to meet with legal standards. Songs can be no longer than three minutes, even the harmless ones. While some bands have conformed with society's demands, some of the most infamous bands have formed underground concerts, and a large community of die-hard fanatics do whatever it takes to listen to them.

As a side note, LuNACi follows under the legal standards set by the Ten Empires, but their older, uncensored songs can still be downloaded through illegal means. Those that do so do it at their own risk.

C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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