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Reynold Baxter

Okay, I've decided to have this edited, much credit to Gyp for pointing some helpful stuff out. :D This is the actual character design for my Flying Fox character Reynold Baxter. I've made him more bat like, with larger wings, eyes and more bat like face and feet. The clothes were the trickiest part, but I managed to design a hauberk for him with the bracers around his ankles to strap it down, even when upside down.

There will be some edits in the biology for the Flying Fox too, so just be prepared.

Anyways, this is the anatomical study of an anthro Flying Fox, one of the five clans of the Bat Race and the Berserkers, another race of Anthros distinctive from the Kannists. They are descendants of the Lunari, a culture long extinct: settling on the common Ten Empires' worlds many hundreds of years before the first Kannist settlers had arrived. It is theorized that they may have originated from a Universe similar to our own and arrived here using the Rift. As the Rift is the gateway through space and time, and the ultimate link to every world, galaxy, and Universe, it substantiates this theory.

Using ancient technology long forgotten, they linked the common worlds together and founded the Empire of Old Luna(Which, ironically, should be more of the centerstone of my previous chronicles of the Kannists history before Mutant 59 since it's the title), a glorious empire that had reigned for quite some time. But then, at some point of their history, Barbaric tribes from another world sacked the Empire of Old Luna, and its citizens fled into the wilderness, where they eventually evolved into the Berserkers of today.

The Kannists' first encounter with the Berserkers was rather hostile. The Kannists' sought sanctuary from the humans that had pursued them whilst the Berserkers refused to share the worlds with their “cousins”. Ever since they've encountered one another, they have often feuded with one another over political boundaries and trading. But their relations with one another have had their highs and lows, and in this war against the Renegades, they've made an alliance to fight a common enemy. Though they've seen one another as rivals, one race will protect the other from outside forces. Seeing themselves as related, it has resulted in the rise of several other subcultures, including the Ikish, Druid, and Druidic-Ikish.

Much like the Kannists' system of races and clans, the Berserkers have one of their own also with sixty clans and twelve races. It does not define social class or their strength of power as well; in fact, it serves more for a taxonomic classification. The animal species that make up their races and clans are completely unique from the Kannists, however. These include the dolphin, hyena, weasel, and bat clans.


Universal Traits
A major difference from the Kannists is that Berserkers are not as genetically diverse. It may be from a result of inbreeding, as the Berserkers are subject to less radical mutations as the Kannists are. For example, Kannists have been born with plantigrade feet on rare occasions. Berserkers, on the other hand, are born solely with plantigrade feet. Also, human hair is quite common amongst Mammalian Kannists. Berserkers, however, are not born with human hair. Overall, while Kannists have a rather humanoid appearance, Berserkers tend to have a much more feral appearance. As unordinary as the Kannists are, the Berserkers find them a rather attractive race. Romantic relationships between Berserkers and Kannists are a common sight in neutral zones.

The Flying Fox Berserker
Flying Fox Berserkers are part of three races amongst capable of flight. As such, they have a lighter bone density, making them somewhat delicate and easily injured. They retain the large wings of regular bats, allowing them to fly at great distances. Their feet are shaped something like hands, allowing them to grip onto surfaces and hang upside down, also like a regular bat.

They are a diurnal clan and can see well in the sunlight; they are however, night blind, and cannot see well in the dark. Through the use of sound, however, their large ears will allow them to see with a sort of sonic vision similar to Geoffery's. Much of the same rules to this Sonic Vision apply to the Flying Fox, including becoming vulnerable to very loud noises. The ears sonic vision works even during the day as well: it gives them a bit of a sixth sense, making them somewhat more alert and with quicker reflexes.

Flying Foxes have a strict diet of fruits and vegetables, as they cannot digest meats and other foods very well. They can digest some grains however(e.g. Rice). It's possibly for the best, anyway, as Flying Fox Berserkers are reputed for their healthy life style.

Miscellaneous Sociology
The Flying Fox Clan live a somewhat isolated life from the other Berserker races, though they've slowly become more open to visitors with time. Flying Foxes live together in large groups for both safety and tradition. To their clan, family is a very high priority, and they see themselves as descended all from first of their kind. They work together and help one another in both the good and bad times. Their unwavering devotion to their own families makes them somewhat hostile towards outsiders, but their trust is easily won over. A Flying Fox Berserker as an ally is a most dependable one.

Well, that's all for this one! C&C well appreciated! :3
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