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Renegade MR-107 Battle Cruiser

Many millenia have taught the Renegades much about warfare. One of which is the expenditure of machines. The cost of sacrificing one machine to save the Collective as a whole against a threatening fleet has become an adapted trait for the Meteor Class, a class of automated battlecruisers designed mainly for Kamikaze purposes. This 107th model is no different.

The MR-107 is a battlecruiser 1.5 miles wide in diameter, and 2 miles long from the center eye to the back engines. It turns by alternating thrusting certain engines depending on where it wants to turn. It comes equipped with autocannons for capital ships, 35 mm rotary cannons for fighters, and then over 400 missiles stored within 8 missile launcher racks surrounding the eye. When these weapons run out, it unleashes waves of smaller Comet Class battle mines, which empty out four vacuumed sealed SMGs before seeking enemy targets and self-destructing.

Despite its threatening size, the MR-107 is surprising fragile. It is composed mainly of a wiry titaniuml skeleton covered with pykrete plating, vacuum sealed with one inch plates of durasteel. But within its fragile hull lies a volate fusion generator with enough kick to unleash a nuclear reactoin. If all else fails, it'll do what it's predecessors were all good at: attempt suicide strikes at the enemy at full ramming speed. Often though, this puts it at risk of being taken out before it can hit its target, but this is of little concern to the battle cruiser.

Note: Due to its odd shape, Kannists refer to it as "The Goldfish"
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Comet Class is just as roundish as the ship used by Bucky in the Bucky O Hare cartoon :XD: