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Renegade Defense Turret

This is the standard defense turret for areas of major importance. Most of it is self-explanatory, but I'll explain some stuff anyway.

The turret is powered by a fusion sub-generator, part of a gigantic dynamo network which supplies an entire base power. Mounted 50 feet below ground, the turret emerges when a non friendly target appears within a thirty meter radius. It has limited programming for anything else.

Despite it's lethal power, it is not self-maintained, and requires the care of mechanics and drones qualified to repair its powerful body and keep it in good fighting condition. Lethal against ground units, they are vulnerable to sneak attacks and aerial assaults. If the safety hatch is breached while they're underground, they are vulnerable to enemy attacks and the elements(Knowall especially takes a toll on their performance during the winter)

Ah...and that's all the stuff I've created for today. >< Man, I'm gonna need a nap now. O: Expect a new journal sometime later. :3
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Reminds me of the Shredder turret used in Command and Conquer 3, NOD faction :)