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RA-12 Class Destroyer

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This Destroyer is the 12th model of the “Remora” class, a family of ships designed to serve as support for larger Capital Ships. Armed with High Explosives and Artillery Grade weaponry, it is a ship best used against large capital ships, though may prove weak against smaller craft.


The RA-12 Destroyer is a lithe little monster. Dual Elliptical Nebula Engines, smaller versions of the Corona Engines, are mounted on the rear, supported by a pair of two mobile fusion thrusters, allowing quicker maneuvering. They are equipped with computer controlled EM locks, which automatically center the thrusters before locking them into place. They're used to make sharp turns when moving on O-Stage 3 or higher, but are still operable at O-Stage 1(where it allows quicker turning and better defense in exchange for weaker firepower and speed.)

Much like the AH-03, it also comes equipped with the same auxilary engine models and also centered around the nose. It also has a set of gas-propulsion thrusters around the nose cone. The combination of auxilary engines and the thrusters outpower the primary engines themselves until it reaches around O-Stage 4.

It's O-Stage system is much like the AH-03, as it is computer controlled; However, it has two additional O-Stages to its arsenal, allowing for a more versatile, tactical style of battle. Overall, The RA-12 functions best at O-Stages 1 and 2, which make good use of its agility and awesome firepower. At O-Stage 3, it becomes well balanced while its firepower exceeds everything else. Any higher, and the RA-12 becomes much harder to control.

As a side note, the rift drive it uses is a dated model, but still quite effective.

Weapon Systems

As mentioned earlier, the RA-12 is designed for Anti-Capital Ship support. It has a few defenses against smaller craft, including two ESB-300 Launcher Racks and twelve Mk-II Laser Vulcan Guns positioned mainly on the sides and the top. It also houses a variety of plasma cannon models, from the resilient Mk-III to the powerful Mk-V, along with Gr. II ESB-100 Launcher racks.

Beam Weapons
The Three-barreled Mk-II Laser Vulcan gun is a chemical laser-based weapon, complete with the interrupter gear used in standard Star Fighters. They must be manned by Army Grunts in order to be used. Unlike its predecessors, the Mk-II is protected with a hatch and a security code based lock where the password is randomly changed every week. Army Grunts stationed to these turrets must report to their officers for the new passwords each time it changes. The hatches are made of Titanite alloy and have proven very effective...but the fact that hatches will sometimes lock in place have had technicians call for a better system.

To live up to their names, the RA-12 has many variations of the plasma cannon. I'll start by explaining the very first model. Two Mk-III Plasma cannon are located on the sides of the ship, facing the front. They were the first plasma cannons to make use of a mobile, ball and socket joint, and the only plasma cannons where their safety hatches were reinforced by energy shielding. It had as much power as the Mk-V and a firing rate as fast as the Mk-IV...but it takes too long to come out of its cache and back. And then the energy shielding will often take some time before it energizes again.

These weaknesses in the MK-III resulted in the development in the MK-IV, which sacrificed energy shielding for a stronger hatch and a faster configuration time. It has a much faster firing rate than the MK-V and consumes less power than the Mk-III, but it lacks the punch of its later model. In addition, the hatches are often at risk of locking in place, due to a complex locking system. The sole MK-IV Plasma cannon can be found on the bottom of the ship.

And so the Mk-V was developed to simplify the locking system on the hatches, and improve its configuration time. It sacrifices its former firing rate with a more powerful blast, fueled by a built in particle accelerator. The drawback is it consumes a lot of power and overheats quickly. Some weapon systems would have to be shut down to make use of this powerful weapon. Three of these are found on top of the ship.

ESB-Launcher Racks are long platforms protected with Titanite alloy hatches until opened. They can fire up to 300 Energy Smart Bombs, and require no real targeting whatsover. The Smart Bombs were designed by the Energikes, and come equipped with a unique programming that distincts friends from foes by scanning circuitry makeup with EMF vision. It will attack original Renegade vessels with ease, but they prove ineffective against captured Kannist ships(Like the ones the Cyborgs use.) Once emptied, the launcher racks make use of the Fusion Generators to create more ESBs.

Unlike its cousin, Gr. II ESB-100 Launcher racks are designed for attacking larger capital ships. These particular smart bombs have a higher IQ, and will target enemies using the same system as the older model but will also attack captured ships where data being transferred in the circuitry has been compromised by the enemy. The launcher racks can fire up to 100 of these advanced smart bombs, and will automatically reload upon being emptied.

Defense Systems

It has two Medium sized energy shield generators, which must be shut off in order to make use of weapon systems and the entering and leaving of fighter ships/personnel. Should its shields fail, the armor would provide little protection from enemy fire. Of course, the Destroyer makes up for this with twin Manta Cloak generators, which render it invisible to the naked eye and near impossible to target with standard computer systems. The rotating gravity rings generate high heat signatures, however, allowing it to be easily targeted with Infrared scopes.

It relies on fighters mainly for protection against smaller threats. It can house two squadrons in its small hangar. For attacks from within, it has built in security systems as well as Marines. Like the AH-03, quarters are built deep within the ship.

As a final resort, if the ship were to fall into enemy hands, the rift drive would activate, sucking in the ship and initiating immediate self-destruction.

In case of an emergency, escape pods are located near the bridge and marines quarters for quick access. Escape Pods have limited navigation systems and will emit distress signals going as far as 1 light year. Life support can last as long as 30 cycles, and food rations are stored beneath the seats.

Unlike standard models, the RA-12 uses gigantic rings and high speed oscillation to generate gravity. The use of magnetic fluids prevents the wearing down of the gears. In case the gravity rings were to shut down, constitutional programs are more commonly practiced on many of these vessels to keep their crew members in shape.

Well, that's all for now. C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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what would happen if you put that in a battle against 5 imperial super star destroyers from starwars?