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Phalanx BG-12 Stealth Craft

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This is the standard fighter for human pilots fighting for Phalanx. The 12th model of the Boomerang Class, this planet based stealth craft relies mainly on computers to help keep it up in the air, which it does very, very well.

Three pilots man the ship, one pilots and the other two handle weapons intravenously. It can go really fast, maxing out to mach three(of course, by then, all the pilot will see are blurs of streaking colors).

They utilize radar jammers to hide themselves(thermal imaging can still detect them though), then strike quickly using 25mm rotary cannons and heat seeking missiles(about ten of them). It's hard to get a good lock on these fighters due to their high speed and their radar jammers.

C&C well appreciated! ^.^
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Mach Three? why does it need stealth then? by the time they know it's there, it's all over for them.
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Well, one of it's ways anyway. If radar is effective enough, a group of fighters can launch a pre-emptive strike against the boomerangs before they have a chance.
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That's how it uses stealth. It's speed. :P
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Interesting design. Looks like it would be stealthy though the guns look like they might break the stealth though, unless the radar jammers cover for that.

Say, did you see the designs I had for my universe's fighter. I was eagerly awaiting your idea of it.
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Oh? Oh, wait...I don't think so. lemme go slide over there! :D
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Engines and aerodynamics would do a lot more to keep it elevated than even world full of computers, heh heh heh.
Being serious now, I cool aircraft design, kinda a Nintendo game feel to it.
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