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Orodon SF-6 Space Fighter

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This is the sixth model of the Starfire class fighter, manufactured from Orodon. Unlike its predecessors, however, it's a fighter designed specifically for short-range orbital space fighting. Another significant difference is that it has no landing gear; in fact, an EM-latch on the top near the engine is used to lock it in place on space carriers. Actually, It's can't go too far without the need of resupplying from a carrier, so it could be said they're like an extension of space carriers.

Wing attachments on the four, stubby wings allows customization and use of multiple weapons, including plasma and photon cannons. Two Mk. 1 Battery-Powered Laser Pulse Guns complete with interruptor gears are found at the nose.

The ball-and-socket, computer controlled Ocelot Auxilary engines allow very smooth flying in the vacuum of space. The only downside is that the pilot is dependent on cameras outside the machine to feed imaging into the cockpit...but in many spectrums, including Infrared and UV. The Cockpit plating that goes over the pilot is 3.25 inches of Durasteel and is impervious to chemical laser fire. Ballistic weaponry may prove a problem though.

The dependency from the Space Carrier aside, this ship is quickly becoming a mainstay in the Ten Empires.
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It looks like an authentic blueprint. Very nice work on the design.
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Hmm, maybe I should start doing technical drawing of my universe's hardware too.
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Dude, that'd rock! :D Just remember though...RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT!
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Well, most of the technologies I use are based in reality (of course with a twist). Hollocahn makes ample use of rail guns, antimatter, and particle beam technologies.
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Antimatter? O.o You crazy?! That stuff makes a nuke look like a firecracker.
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It's mostly used as a power source but antimatter tipped warheads are used on occasion.
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Even so, it's a still potent threat. O.o Actually, your culture's more advanced than mine...or maybe they both developed in unique ways.
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You guy's still use nuclear fusion?
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Ya. But we use a different way for transporting.
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That\'s sweet bro!
So when is Jonas gonna get in the cockpit of one of these bad boys? :D
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hey that looks cool man ^^
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