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Mutants 27 and 39

All right, guys, here's two more mutant characters from Mutant 59, a cat and a lioness! w00t! That leaves only one more feline character to finish. Yay! They don't have names yet, but I'd like you to help me out make some ideas for names.

Here's the profile:

When the Kannists first found Mutant 27, they found her cuddling a small kitten mutant in her arms while being frozen. Ever since then, it's been assumed that the mutant was the baby's mother. Although Mutant 27 had no memories of having any children, she gladly raised the child as her own. Seven years later, she's become a real time single mother. They're often seen together, the girl being carried on the lioness's shoulder.

Mutant 27 is amongst one of twelve telekinetics from the 1st generation of mutants. Her unique ability is mental superstrength. She can lift impossible loads with the power of her mind equalling the weight of three gravtanks. She can also focus this power into her physical body and become even more physically strong than ever, but this physical superstrength isn't as powerful as her mental superstrength. Be careful to not make this mutant mad, or she could fling you straight over the horizon. >:3

Mutant 39 was uncovered by the kannists as an infant; therefore, she knows nothing of the experimentations by the humans and isn't as troubled with her past as the other mutants are. Carefree and optimistic, she has no trouble calling Mutant 27 her mother. Mutant 27 is very protective of Mutant 39 and for good reason. Both the Aliens that had saved them and the Liberators, an organization of mutant extremists, are after Mutant 39's special psionic ability: the ability to channel. When she's around other mutants, she can amplify their psionic powers up to twenty times more powerful. She can choose whose powers she channels, but not until she learns to control them.

Neither of them have any intentions on being used as tools by anyone: The Renegades, Kannists, Liberators, or whoever. Consequently, they live a life of hiding and are always on the run.

C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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