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Mutant Alpha: Amoeba

Every mutant has a certain amount of a chemical called the Zeta-Six enzyme, a hormone that gives the mutants their psionic abilities. How much their body normally produces varies: higher amounts make stronger mutants and lower amounts make weaker mutants. No records have ever shown a mutant with amounts of the zeta-six enzyme exceeding 30 mg. Up until now, it's been believed that anything above this amount is lethal to mutants. They've been proven wrong.

Mutant Alpha, code named Amoeba, has dangerous amounts of the Zeta-six enzyme in its body. It has seemed to cause horrible mutations to make it look something completely different from the other mutants. In addition, it does not show any signs of rational thought and logic. It only expresses self-preservation and the need to feed. Its a walking embodiment of radiation. Past records have detected high amounts of radiation far beyond what a Kannist could withstand. It was no wonder to the Kannists that the humans tried to terminate the abomination.

It doesn't feed on any form of living material. It seeks out sources of nuclear reaction or radiation and absorbs it into itself. It's been theorized that it uses it to extend its half-life. pockets in its skin store the energy which its body uses to power itself. Like all forms of radioactive materials, Amoeba has a half-life. Every two weeks, it must shed plasmic radioactive waste out of its body to keep it stable. It's been also discovered it can expel this waste as a form of self-defense by its own will. Unfortunately, when it expels this energy out of its body, by stabilizing itself, the mutant weakens. Its been theorized that chrono-field accelerators(which are currently being tested still) can hasten its decay rate and gradually reduce mutant alpha to nothing in minutes. Another way to keep it at bay is imprisoning it in lead, but its too reckless to merely try to capture.

Well that's all on this dude. C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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Cool villian. Hope to see more of him in the future.