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Mutant 26, Lineart

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Man, I'm so pissed off and exhausted right now. I worked on coloring this for two hours, AND THE FUCKING PROGRAM CRASHED ON ME!!!!! I LOST EVERYTHING! :pissedoff: TT_TT It's not fair! It's so not fair! I worked hard on it!

I don't feel like working on it again tonight. For now, the lineart of this picture will have to do.

This is a picture of Mutant 26, an anthro mutant deer whose one of twelve telekinetic mutants, including Jonas. He has a special blend of echolocation and telekinesis powers that allows him to move with his what he hears rather than sees, which is very useful considering he's blind. The fact that he's not restricted by his peripheral vision means he is able to see in every direction, allowing him to move things anywhere and everywhere around him.

Btw, that's a hospital he's walking through; in fact, he works there. He's a doctor who treats cancer patients(Somebody tell me there's a name for that kind of doctor)

There's a lot more I want to say about this guy, but I'll wait to tell his story on the colored version. :D

C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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Hmm,this is very interesting.Yeah,i worked on a pic with my art program then it suddenly crashed,i was well pissed as i spent about 3 hours colouring my pic >.<.Nice pic anyways,i add to favourites :nod:
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Oh, thank you for the favorite! :glomp:
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Those shades, sunglasses, really make this character look cool. Are you gonna colour it soon?
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Yep. I'm doing it today. ^_^
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Looks like he's leaning too far forward to be standing up straight... check that again. Otherwise, I like him.

NOTE: Your center of gravity MUST be above your feet for you to stay upright. Usually, our centers of gravity are somewhere in the vicinity of our bellybuttons. This guy's center of gravity is clearly in front of his feet; even with the cane, he shouldn't still be standing.

Oh, my brother is a nurse; I'll ask him what a cancer doctor is when he comes home, if you want (and if I remember to).
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Wait...I think I know why he looks that way. I originally drew him with his hoof feeling the wall but I erased it cause I thought it unnecessary.
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Oh! That makes more sense.

Well, I guess you'll just have to draw him more now. And Sven too. XD
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I have Sven show up on the first three pages of chapter five, if that pleases you. ^_^
Wrathofautumn's avatar're right. Aww, man. I'll still color it anyway though.

Thanks! I'd appreciate if you could find out from your brother.

btw, I never got to thank you for that gift you sent me. Thank you so much! I really loved it and the card! :hug:
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You're welcome.

Drat, my brother didn't get home until after I went to bed... but I will ask him.

Oh, and the way you can remedy the situation is by... drawing this guy more! He's cool. Will Ropez ever meet him? I have a feeling they'd be kindred spirits.
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So you read his character background then, eh? I thought you'd like him.

Geoffery is a pretty lonely hermit. Ropez might be just the person to help him get out of his hole.
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Yay! :glomp:

Besides, Ropez still has some healing powers, right? I think doctors would like her.

By the way, a cancer doctor is called an oncologist.
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Yeah, she has healing powers, but only when she's within the boundaries of her seal. Don't forget that.

Thank you! An oncologist! got it!
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Wait... didn't we say that she could heal minor to moderate wounds outside her seal? Not like, cancer or anything, of course.

Where is her seal, anyway? O_o

BTW, my brother said that, if you needed it, a blood doctor is called a hematologist. In case you wanted to deal with leukemia and stuff like that; an oncologist will always be involved, but hematologists deal with that kind of cancer too.
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Oh I see. Is Oncologist just a general term for cancer doctors?

Wait...actually, I think we did say something about that. My bad. ^_^;
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deer anthros rawksor. and that sucks arse about your computer. D:
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Thanks. I appreciate it! :glomp:

It's not my computer anyway. I'm doing all my work currently at the school. ^_^;
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ooo... so cool. i love deer anthros, they're so bizzare. anyways. nice work, that sux tho that ur comp crashed on u. oh well, i'm sure it'll look great when u finish it.
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Oh, thank you. I appreciate it! ^_^
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