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Loren in Power Suit Done

Here's the colored version of Loren in an amped up power suit. :3 It's been color schemed with the imperial colors of the Ten Empires. As for the design, it was meant to be loosely based off Samus's power suit, though it may be more similar than I think. O.o Thankfully, the suit possesses none of those modular capabilities Samus's power suit possesses.

There are two departments in the Ten Empire's ground force: army and marines. While the armies focus on habitable planetary defense, the marines are trained for space missions and extreme environments. This power suit is an amped up version of the standard power suits for space missions, designed for extreme environmental missions and space missions. Like the vacuum suits used by space pilots, the power suits can be designed for a wide variety of species.

The suit can withstand temperatures over 2,000 degrees celsius and down 37 degrees Kelvin. Any subzero temperatures close to zero Kelvin will immobilize the suit, but the one inside of it will be rendered unharmed. When involved with radioactive areas, it can withstand over 2,000 roentgens. Vacuum-sealed, the suit is capable of keeping out any biohazards as small as 50 micrometers. Life supports for the suit last as long as 20 decacycles.

The suit itself is unable to move effectively in underwater missions, however, and because it is electronic based, the suit is susceptable to voltage and magnetism. High amounts of voltage will overload the circuits in the suit, leaving the user vulnerable to the elements, and magnets will screw around with the programming of the suit itself. It comes with its own built in miltary computer, which displays any form of information or files the marine needs. Unfortunately, like everything mentioned here, the suit will share the same weaknesses as a computer(someone will be able to hack into the suit like a regular computer and do all kinds of crazy stuff However, they'd need to pry open the chest plating, access the core and hack it there. Either that or use powers like Mutant Zero's.)

Movement wise, the marine is slightly slowed to machine like strides. Vacuum soles keep the Marine balanced on spaceships or worlds with little gravity. Exhaust valves behind the upper torso can also serve as jet packs to give the user a kind of boost when they jump. However, doing so releases a little bit of their life support.

Weapons are not grafted into the suit itself, like Samus's arm cannon. Rather any weaponry given to marines are braced to the arms and yet can be detached with ease. Weapons issued vary from mission to mission, but the majority are particle-based ballistic weaponry, blasters, and close range energy weapons. The two weapons Loren here is holding are a positron beam rifle and an amped up flare blade.

The positron beam rifle is a particle based energy weapon that, due to the lack of a particle accelerator, gathers particles in the air and fires a concentrated beam of positrons. The effect is similar to the proton packs in ghostbusters. In order for it to fire effectively, the marine must let it charge for a few seconds to have a better blast. The longer one charges it, the greater the beam(charging it for too long will cause the rifle itself to rupture.) The weapon itself sucks up a lot of power, which is why it is powered by a quartet of high-voltage dry cell batteries, each capable of generating 10-Megaamps/sec. They're installed in ports between the butt and the barrel of the rifle. The dependence on air makes it useless in space and worlds with little or no atmosphere. Finally. the rifle may be hard to control for some and may cause them to jerk off target a few inches. The beam itself fires in a wavy, whip like stream, and may not always hit dead on, anyway, but it has an effective blast radius. Anything it misses within a few inches directly is bound to take some major damage.

The other weapon, the flare blade, has changed much since I last started on it. It is a high temperature fire sword powered by twin tanks of compressed liquid oxygen. The tanks themselves are what makes them so heavy. Due to it's weight, it takes a power suit to wield it effectively with just one paw. The flare blade shoots a meter long stream of high-powered flames that will cut effectively through dense metals like titanium and strong alloys. Unfortunately, the compressed liquid oxygen makes it a very volatile weapon. Concentrated trauma on the tanks themselves will cause the weapon to explode, causing concussive damage to the marine. Extreme temperature environments(particularly heat based.) may cause the tanks to combust, giving off a bomb like explosion. It will not work in space as a weapon, but it can serve as a sort of jet to push the marine through the depths of space for a limited time.

Well, that's all I have to say about this suit for now. C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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This reminds me of Halo. Okay lets see. What is that weapon on her left hand? And on the ankles they don't match really well and neither the knees. But other than that you did a good job making this character.