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Lesser elementals V.3

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This is the final product of the lesser elementals. It's now very much clear what their powers are, right? The Zebra mutant controls water, the wild boar controls earth, and the Hare controls air.

Now for personalities.

The zebra babe is a lawyer who used to be afraid of water before the experimentations. Now she has conquered her fear of it by being able to wield it as a weapon. She can gather moisture in the air and condense it with psychokinetics and unleash an awesome water offensive. When there is no moisture in the air however, she can use water from her own body as a reserve. The only problem with that is she'll dehydrate fast, and will constantly need to drink water. Hey, forget being a lawyer, she could be a good fitness teacher...thing. When she's near a water source, her powers do increase by a lot.

Er, anyway, the hare is capable of manipulating air and each of its individual components. Because Air is a homozegous mixture, he can separate the differents gas elements and suffocate them to death...or summon things from small twisters to huge maelstroms(he would need a little help from mutant 39, whose power is to be able to channel other mutants powers.) He can summon powerful gusts of wind to cut his enemies to shreds or send them flying around all over the place. And perhaps what's another cool feature about this dude is...he can fly! XD This guy grew up on the war torn streets of Albania before he went to he's part of a terrorist group of mutants known as the Liberators. Their goal: to free their kind from the Kannists' "enslavement".

And finally, there's the wild boar whose power is the ability to control earth. He can take components of rock, soil and sand and using psychokinetics, shape it to his desire. The catch...he has to be touching the ground in order for his power to work. With the right effort however, he can cause natural disasters like rock slides and avalanches...He can destroy buildings composed of metal ores or concrete. When his powers are being channeled by Mutant 39, he can cause earthquakes and reawaken ancient volcanoes.

The powers of the Greater Elementals are very much different from the lesser elementals. The lesser elementals are marked as a greater danger than they are. The Kannists miltary officers fear their destructive powers and will stop at nothing to restrain their abilities.

At last, at long last! I have completed the elemental project! I didn't think Id be capable of doing it...but there are other projects I've yet to work on. Wish me luck, everyone!

And C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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Awesome idea!
XD i love the hare's bowl-cut. total retro.
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Why thank you! ^_^
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The zebra is awesome. I have one in my comic and I wanted your advice: with no flat feet to balance them, how do anthro zebras run? It's been giving me some real trouble since I draw my chars with human-esque legs.
The picture is great but the background kind of blends with the boar's colours, mayhap you should try adding a few highlites and shadows to really make them stand out. Nice work.
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Well it's quite simple...when drawing canines with canine legs, they normally run as if they're walking on tiptoes. Equines, Ungulates, and Mustelids all Run on the very tips of their feet...kind of like how ballet dancers dance, except they only have to do that for performances. This kind of leg structure increases agility and speed, but is designed to walk on fewer surfaces...fewer than a wolf's or a tiger's. It all really depends on the type of hoofed animal it is.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks, it did, this should make my action scenes easier *cackles madly*
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Yea that Looks really Cool man You made fantastic colors combination :#1:
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really awesome man :wow:
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Thank you, senator! ^_^
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you're welcome...colonel?
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Very interesting colour scheme utilised for both zebra and boar - the zebra needs to have more shades and colour depth to give it a more realistic/three-dimensional feel, because the brown shades makes it seem flat. The wild boar's costume, however, does bear some resemblance to Ryu's white karate costume from Street Fighter ;p but if the costume is meant to appear as that, then this is okay. That leaves with the hare terrorist - I observe that he does have this scar on his left cheek. Since the hare's head is not flat and is slightly rounded, the scar should curve along the surface of his left cheek, instead of a flat patch on his face - this ensures a more credible look.
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Wow...that's good critique...except I already inked it! There's nothing I can do about it now. :P
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