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Kannist Rural-Suburban Home

Here, on the wide plains of the more tolerable southern hemisphere of Tetsame, this little house is home to a family of six Racoons, Not yet awake to start the new day of farming wheat, fruits, vegetables, and checking on their livestock. The wind blows gently in the power generators, causing them to spin like pinwheels.

This is an example of the basic modelling of Kannist Housing for suburban and rural standards. This Tetsame version features a state of the art satellite/wireless modem which allows use of internet and all the best channels Kannists can enjoy, including the Sports channel(I think around this time of year though, it's too early for Klarrinn). Also it comes along with an air purifier and conditioner for making the air more tolerable for those unaccustomed to the slightly higher traces of nitrogen in Tetsame's atmosphere.

It comes with a living room, kitchen complete with electric stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and some kitchen drones to aid with cleaning and cooking(STAY AWAY FROM MA'S CHEF KNIFE!); Two restrooms with water fresh from the nearest aquifer, a master bedroom and two bedrooms with bunk beds for the cubs to fight for(I call TOP BUNK! O:)

Security wise, the whole area's monitored with a retinal eye scanner. Anything not registered as a welcome guest, relative or family member, will set off a wailing alarm. Locks are double padlocked to discourage burglars. Best yet, the house is made of Plasteel lined with Titanite, making it the most durable house you can get! It even comes with an attic in case those terrible tornadoes come down on you!

Come in now, cause something like this could go no lower than 5,000 Shards(effective until next year)!

C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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