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Joint Staff Uniforms

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All right! Added some new info on the Joint Staff, their uniforms, and the Ten Empires' hierarchy.

These are the joint staff uniforms, for both male and female. What you see here are the standard Joint Staff uniforms. Unlike common uniforms of today, the designs for the Kannist's Joint Staff uniform have not changed. They have retained their slick, regal style since before the Renegades had been discovered. A robe worn around the neck signifies their importance as military leaders. Colors of the robe itself determine the department which they work for. Like all uniforms from the Kannists, they vary depending on species.

They are the cream of the crop. The Top Dogs. The best of the Imperial Military. Representing all departments: Army, Marines, Navy, Space Force, Air Force, Aerospace Force, Coast Guardand the Sentinel Corps(Recently new department. Planetary Defense mainly, but also serves as Imperial Army reserves). The Joint Staff is composed of primarily Kannists and Berserkers, though the Energikes themselves have started to fill in spots as well.

The Joint Staff has a grand amount of power, but they themselves do not rule the Ten Empires. It is not a military dictatorship. They are second to the High Council, a group of nine emperors/empresses supervised over the High Emperor, whose line is borne of a noble family. The High Council controls politics and economics while the Joint Staff is responsible for military stuff.

C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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very interesting design
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awesome design. I suck at designing clothing.
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It seems to be a mixture of the ancient Roman empire tunics, combined with the ceremonial armors seen in HALO 2.
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Wrathofautumn: O RLY?
ill-lushtrator: YA RLY! :D
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Heh, never saw them that way before.
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They're pretty! Very... royal. Elegant. Magestic.

Also, you're getting MUCH better at depicting female forms. Congratulations!
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Thanks, Gyp! ^_^

Oh, yeah. :3 Just posted a whole new batch of information on the Joint Staff and a bit about the Ten Empire's Hierarchy
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Very spiffy, kinda like the dress uniforms from Star Trek.
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Aren't they? You could say they're an upgrade of the uniforms worn by the officers aboard the salvation the first ten chapters of my webcomic! :D
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