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Industry Division Peon uniform

the standard issued uniform for the peons of the Industry division...those who see the outside work, that is. Tanzanium plating on the shoulders and boots, plasteel helmet, knee and elbow protectors along with megamesh fibervest are all commonly used to protect the employee from serious injury. Especially on Drek-Ajikk, predator activity and the inability to effectively take them out because of a overused budget, has lead the kannists to resort to increasing the budget on the uniforms.

Every laborer is equipped with a two-way radio built in to the helmet, a high pressured water or electric based laser blaster for clearing vegetation, and an organic muscular bionic enhancer. It reduces strain and increases overall performance, even on planets that demand more out of their workers. On Drek-Ajikk, its as if they were back on earth.

Like all uniforms from Kannists and Berserkers, the actual design varies depending on the body build of a kannist or Beserker. The bionic implant can also serve as a id registrator and tracer if necessary, but to make the peon feel important, they're given a tiny name tag to put on while they work.
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