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Icebolt Airboard

A dated model but still effective, this airboard has a windpowered engine below where the feet are. Air pockets blow wind in as the airboard moves, with fiters on it to help keep out solid matter. When the generator is rotating at 1500 RPM, the thrusters activate, making it glide over 85 mph!

Due to multiple risk factors though, circuit breakers are built in to shut off the engines when it gets too hot and to save the rider from breaking his neck. To give more control to the boarder though, a special glove with blue ray tech built into it controls the thrusters and brakes on the air board with motions of the paw. It won't work though if the glove's palm is not facing the blue ray receiver located at the front tip.

and that's all the news on that one! ^.^
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