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Many ages ago, when the humans were enslaved by the Renegades and Phalanx, a small group of them, led by the leaders concubine, rebelled and fled to the stars, scattering their numbers to ensure their survival. Some of them have never been discovered(Or at least have never been found, hence the unknown worlds option), but many of the colonies they inhabit today are found in our own solar system.

Moon: on this dusty, dead planet, colonies are founded around the surface of the moon, taking a lifestyle of piracy and scavenging in order to survive. Phalanx ships and other passerbys often feel the unfettered ferocity of these space pirates, survivors bent on taking on ridiculous chances.

Mars: The Red Planet has become home to a moderate amount of colonies(At least 82 of them so far), though the terrain has changed very little since.

The Mars Colonies have been in a feudal era for some time now, often fighting each other for increase of territories...but even that is seldom, since the colonies, as individuals, have got no sense of themselves. The leaders of a mars colony often spend more time fighting each other for power, neglecting their duties to the lower class. The lower class fends for themselves, completely unaffected by their useless government.

There is no economy or universal monetary system for Mars. Paper money, having nothing to back up its value, is completely useless, making bartering the form of trade for marketing. Hydroponic food and roaming farm animals are the source of food in the colonies, which is often traded for anything but money and children.

Military wise, it's about as unorganized. Though they are sponsored by their political leaders, the leaders spend too much time squabbling to give their soldiers proper orders, making most of them patriots or freelancing soldiers, marital status and the brotherhood of comrades the only bond that holds them together. The Mars Colonies have shared an uneasy truce with Renegades, but only small skirmishes between the two have ever occurred.

Europa/Ganymede: Europa, when it was first sited by Earth, was discovered to have a high amount of water beneath its surface. Today, in Humanity's horrible society, Europa has been terraformed beyond imagination into a beautiful garden world. Only the richest of the rich can ever afford to live here, with the middle class often struggling day by day.

Lower class citizens of Europa are usually deported down to Ganymede, a world which shares only a fraction of the water offered by Europa. It's a cluster of poorly constructed colonies with the minimal standards of room and board, etc. It's better than nothing, though daring stowaways will sometimes jump on board freighters making their way back to Europa. Very rarely have there been any successful trips, as the Europan military is far more organized and stronger than the mars military. Even so, rumor has it that a small group of these poor serfs have banded together somewhere in one of the richest cities in Europa, stealing what they need to survive and living off the labors of the upper class.

Ceres: Little is known about this dwarf planet, orbiting somewhere in the asteroid belt. It's often collided with asteroids, so colonies are built deep underground to brace impacts from the cosmic objects. There are traces of water in the planet, and its said that they live off hydroponic food and hot synthesized meals. It is said that the Black Dwarf, the Renegade Capital Ship piloted by Mutant Zero's concubine, is docked here and has remained dormant for many centuries, though the systems remain active and the original crew remains intact. Whatever the reason, it does not receive much attention from the Renegades, as the asteroid belt makes it too dangerous to have a good venture.

Eve IV: The only recorded human world outside of our solar system. Eve IV is the fourth moon of Eve, a giant water jovian in the HD 28185. It's a jovian that is within the safety limits of containing life, and Eve IV is almost an Identical cousin of Earth as it was 1,000 years ago. Here, humanity has colonized it, and has achieved the hopes and dreams of every person who has desired a perfect science fiction universe. Here there is no fear and disharmony between each other. Mankind has bonded together in the hopes of achieving the neverending search for knowledge and exploration, taking on a Star Trek-Esque society.

You could say that this world is like night and day to many of the colonies found on Eden.

Though there has been no contact with Humans from Eve IV and any Kannists, a Rift Probe sent by the science division received a blurred picture of something grabbing hold of the probe under a lovely sky. Even more exciting was that the being had answered the survey programmed in it correctly, assessing that the lifeform was intelligent enough to learn more about their culture. So perhaps someday, there'll be humans coming from Eve IV to greet the Kannists or Vice Versa.
These are the human worlds, to help with the contest for Mutant 59. There is some creativity involved, as there are many uncharted worlds colonized by humans that haven't yet been found. In other words, you may create a world that humans colonized on, if you like, but you must write a thorough description for it. Otherwise, you can use one of these six worlds here. :3

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