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Gypsi Leonine

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This is Gypsi Leonine of the Lion Clan, born with a genetic defect that spawned patchy black spots across her body. It has often led to mild discrimination throughout her life, but it hasn't affected her successes and goals. Now she serves as the Lieutenant General Tilchi King's personal body guard, and has been trained to protect her at the cost of her own life, if necessary. Not much has been worked on her as of yet, but I'll have to discuss this with Gyp amongst other things.

If any of you have already guessed, this is actually Gyp's own fursona. She's begged me for a cameo appearance, and I finally decided to grant it. :P I felt lenient about it too. :3

All right. C&C well appreciated! :D
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I like the capcom-esq look of this char ^^
Wrathofautumn's avatar
lol! Oh, yes. I've never forgotten that. XD

THanks for the comment, Kuro! ^_^
KuroInuSama69's avatar
Poila-Invictiwerks's avatar
An existing character appearing in an existing comic, yay!
Wrathofautumn's avatar
Hehehe, yes. But I'm not going to go overboard with cameo appearances here. :P
Gyp-'s avatar
Gypsi Rae. I'm not sure yet if Rae is the middle name or actually part of the first name, too... I think it's just part of the first name 'cause they sound so good together! :D

I really like it! I mean, like, GIVE ME COLOR AND THE WORKS PLZKTHX.

And I'll get to editing that script real soon, I swear.
Wrathofautumn's avatar
So...if I color this, then you'll get started on the editing.

XD That's blackmail! It's horrible! ....I'LL DO IT!!! 8D

First, however, I have one or two more designs to do...include another permanent character. Haven't decided whether to make him a berserker or Kannist yet.
Gyp-'s avatar
Hehe..... it worked!

Anyway, good luck with all that art and stuff. I can't wait to see it.
Wrathofautumn's avatar
Well, I finished the coloring of your character! And now I'm done with all the designs needed for chapter 12...

Now I'm just waiting on you. XP Don't keep me waiting too long.
Gyp-'s avatar
Email'd it already. :3
Wrathofautumn's avatar
YAY! *tail wags*
Cane-McKeyton's avatar
Kinda reminds me of Jill from Resident Evil. I think it's the hat.
Wrathofautumn's avatar
Hahah! Yes! That hat! X3 I love that hat. :D
GM-Ground-type's avatar
Ooooooooo. Shes kinda cute. o:
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