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Gallium, Hoplite of Cunning

Currently, I'm designing characer appearances for future antagonists of my comic, Mutan 59. Currently, I have two to display for you today. This first one is Gallium, one of nine mutants that form a Renegade Organization known as the Phalanx.

Gallium is not his real name. Actually, no one knows for certain whether Gallium is a he or she(For description's sake, we shall describe him as a he). All that is known about Gallium's origins is that he was once a crippled person. When Mutant Zero enthralled him with the promise to walk again, Gallium quickly volunteered for the experimentations, which continued even after the Mutants revolted.

During a mix of inserting cybernetic implants and injections of the Zeta-Six Enzyme, an unexpected metamorphosis had occurred: Gallium suddenly liquidated. But he had not perished, however; in fact, this strange transformation proved mutally beneficial. In the end, he became a cyborg composed entirely of an amorphous poly-alloy(Aka liquid metal)

He is capable of solidifying him and liquifying himself at any time. As an amorphous blob, he is capable of shapeshifting: however, he's limited to things only of equal size. He cannot form sophisticated machines either, such as a bomb. He can, however, shape himself to simple weapons like knives and such things. He can shape himself into mannequin versions of other people, but he lacks luminescent receptors to change his colors. Therefore, he must be sprayed with removable, fast-drying accrylics in order to fully appear as someone else.

Gallium's primary weakness is energy weapons and the elements themselves,(Ballistic Weaponry or any sort of basic explosive won't damage him, but it will stun him). He can be easily frozen with cold, and extreme sources of heat have the potency to kill him. These and many more weapons are that which the Kannists take advantage of very easily. Because of this inability to fight against Kannist technology, his usefulness during the war has been questioned by the other members of the Phalanx

He is not a long range fighter either. In order to make projectiles, he must shoot them out from himself, which only results in decreasing his size and mobility. Walking up to fragments of himself will allow him to reabsorb them.

To make up for this lack of long range fighting, he has had drones build a sort of robot puppet designed for long range support. His id name is NOS-46(Code name: Mirage) and is equipped with a built in Sniper Assault Rifle, close range 16mm Shotgun, and a sharp Keris. Mirage only has one arm to do all this, however. Gallium must attach himself to Mirage and Mold himself as if he were a part of Mirage. While he is attached to Mirage, he can manually override his circuits, allowing him full control over the puppet. When in close range combat, however, Mirage acts on his own accord and follows what he has been programmed to do. Gallium is overall the Control Node to Mirage. If Gallium is terminated, Mirage will be shut down automatically.

Gallium has been reserved to serve other missions outside the Kannists War for Mutant Zero's interests. Gallium doesn't mind, however. Gallium worships Mutant Zero as a god. He will obey any order given to him by Mutant Zero, even to terminate himself.
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That whole thing with Mirage is REALLY complicated. How would you explain that in a comic?