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Gaea, Mother of Creation

Bleh! I'm gonna have to color this digitally, because it's hard to make out any details in the picture(Though I think it's worth it in the long run)

The back ground story of this character is that she is, by Kannist Folklore, the creator of the multiverse, which a part of it is our own. Every religion that was founded by mankind centers to her, and she appears to all her followers in many different forms. To the religion that is actually directed to her, she appears to her followers as a dragon composed of earth.

Gaea is the centerstone of which the conflict between the Kannists and the Renegades are waging war upon: the Renegades believe that the Teachings of Gaea should only be kept and followed by those who have regained the ancient arts and their true form through complete atonement(that would be the "Mutants"). Kannists, however, believe it is something that should be allowed to everyone, regardless of social status and not simply because they're part of the "special" group.

It is often questioned by Renegades why they are fighting the Kannists. Some believe that the Kannists lost the ancient arts long ago as punishment from Gaea and are therefore abominations, even if they are, technically, the same species. Others believe it's because they don't agree on how the teachings should be spread. Then some believe that it's neither, but simply because they obviously provoked the Master of Machines and by doing so, provoked the unfettered and raw wrath of Gaea(Kannists, however, claim that by records, the Renegades appeared without warning and failed to comply to protocols)

And that, as they say, is that.

C&C well appreciated! ^.^
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Resident Evil gets a new monster hybrid today! :XD: