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FB-210 Jumbo Transport SP

Manufacturers from Tetsame share a similar history with Orodon designs. Much like Orodon's ships, Tetsame Vehicles and starships share a geometric like design...but it's taken to a much more sophisticated level of detail; moreover, first impressions on Tetsame's styles may seem somewhat retro, but don't be deceived. The technology used to build them is modern practice for all ships from the Ten Empires.

This transport is no different. The FB-210 is the 210th model of the Firebird class. The sponsors of the Firebird ships have been in the business of aerospacecraft for decades, and had gone through hundreds of models in an attempt to perfect transportation from air to space for commercial use. Once the war against the Renegades had started, they begun to design later models for military applications. The FB-210 is the pride and glory of their hard work.

For use in space, the FB-210 has two mobile auxilary engines in the rear complete with computer controlled EM locks. Four powerful fusion turbines on the wings help to fly it through the skies and safely onto the ground. A prototype anti-gravity module built into the ship makes it immune to gravity, allowing it to travel through atmospheres without risks of burning up or falling to the ground and back into space. At the last minute, it was decided to also add a Rift Drive, a trait uncommon for most Aerospace craft.

Weapon Systems
This ship has no real weapons of its own, relying often on escort fighters and its shields to protect it from harm.

It has an Energy Shielding system along with EM shielding. Having no real weapons, there isn't any real concern to shut off the shielding once in flight. The anti-gravity module allows it to enter through the atmosphere safely, but energy shielding and silicon plating is present for backup use.

Energy Shielding reinforces Aero-Spacecraft when flying through atmospheres similar to Earth's. But if too much stress is placed onto shields, the energy crystals that power them begin to fracture and eventually break, leaving the silicon plating alone.

The FB-210 can carry up to 200 troops at a time. It was designed for transporting soldiers, but modified transports for heavy vehicles are on record. It can carry more than what it was designed to carry, but it begins to put a strain on the anti-gravity module. If the weight exceeds at least twice the carrying capacity, the anti-gravity module will short circuit, causing the ship to plummet to its doom! D:

Ah, finally! All three ships finished today! Agh, my eyes hurt from typing all of this. >.< C&C well appreciated! X3
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3rd shot on top row seems smaller than 2nd shot in the middle of top row, please make the shots of the model the same size for consistence