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Epsilon-Right Hand to Mutant 0

This is Mutant Zero's other Personal servant besides Iron Messenger-126. Where the diplomatic drone has a silver tongue, Epsilon proves his mettle by his brutal strength. His primary weapon is a flamberge custom built for him. The double edged blade has been sharpened by a laser down to the last molecule, allowing him to slice through some rather dense materials and alloys.

Epsilon's real power comes from his size and defenses. The robot stands over nine feet tall and weighs more than 2.5 tons His armor is made of some of the strongest alloys used by the Renegades. And finally, he has an anti-psionic field generator that allows him to drain psionic energy out of objects or psionic beings like Mutants.

Epsilon is one of Mutant Zero's most faithful subject, performing his tasks without question. Despite his destructive qualities, Epsilon was one of the few pure Renegades trusted with a microchip that gave him a sort of conscience. He has developed a knight's code of honor, showing empathy and mercy towards living creatures and his enemies, even when he was ordered to destroy them. Those who witnessed him battle their forces described him as, "an opponent worthy of our respect." Mutant Zero has grown suspicious of a possible flaw in his programming, but Epsilon has always served him loyally and without question annihilated his enemies despite how disagreeable Epsilon's methods were.

Glory to the Right Hand of the Master of Machines, Epsilon!

And C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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Holy Crap! He does look like one of those mindless slugging metal knight bosses in the Castlevania series of games...
And big clunky armour too... :)