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Brine Labs Poseidon

Another design for the purpose of Aquarius Three Exploration.

Name: Poseidon
Type: DSV Submersible
Purpose: Exploration and Transport/Rescue
Crew Members: 2-5
Weight: 22.75 tons
Dimensions: About 10 Meters in length, 4.1 meters in width, and 3.81 meters in height
Speed: 1.8 Knots
radius of action at 1.5 knots: 6.7 km
Location: Aquarius III
Quantity: 2(A twin sister is kept for backup)

The Poseidon is Brine Lab's own custom built DSV Submersible designed for deep sea exploration. It is built to be super compact, capable of piloting two-three crew members down to depths at 7500 meters. It's super hard alloy of cerium-titanium steel makes it dense enough to withstand the crushing pressures of the Aquarius III oceans.

Because of issues with water pressure, viewing ports are less than 2 inches wide in diameter. Most of what is viewed is by the fixed cameras with built in TV/IR imaging, or by the cameras used by Two Divers when carried. The Divers, dressed in the special diving suits in previous pictures, sit in baskets just nearby the extra life support(designed to support the extra divers). Umbilical feeders feed life support and electrical power into their suits. Divers are free to move about the submarine, unless the issue of entering a current happens.

Gas-Propulsion thrusters turn the ship up and down or left and right as needed. Because of the lightweight provided by the life support, ballast controllers are added near the bottom to keep the submarine from floating to the surface.

The Poseidon and its identical Sister, the Ariel(, are parked in the flood docks of the Brine Labs. The flood docks are a pressurized room in the Brine Labs where water from the sea drifts freely without causing harm to the lab(Kind of like a huge storm drain).

In case of an emergency, the submarine will send out a wireless SOS signal to Brine Labs, signalling them to send out the Ariel to pick up Poseidon and the crew. There is enough power to last about 36 hours, but once it runs out, air runs low and temperatures drop. Aquarius III is an unforgiving world, but never has there been an accident with the Poseidon yet. Hopefully it will continue to serve Brine Labs for years to come!
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