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Berle, Hoplite of Valor

Here's the second new Antagonist for my webcomic. This one is named Berle, and he has attained the cybernetic body of a centaur.

Back on Eden, Berle was the Prime Minister of Neo-France, who had struggled to keep his country neutral throughout the Global War that was slowly consuming mankind. When the Machine Revolution came to his lands, he rallied his armies against Mutant Zero's onslaught, but they were annihilated in one decisive battle. Upon sieging into the Prime Minister's office, Berle swore utter loyalty to the might of Mutant Zero. To this day, he has served as one of his most trusted Generals.

Berle is a valiant mutant, fighting in the battlefields to seek honor and glory for the Renegades. He is known for his devotion and self-discipline in all he does. He greatest weakness, however, his is unquestioning trust of those higher in command of him.

About Berle's Body and Powers
Berle is a foe not to be trifled with. Though an experitise at close range, he is able to close the gap quickly between even the most skilled marksman and himself. His legs are lubricated with magnetic fluids constantly pumped through tubes, which create a frictionless environment between the gears, allowing him to run at high speeds(still affected by traction and other things) without worry for wear and tear.
Max speeds have recorded him moving as fast as 75 mph, almost as twice as that of a racing horse.

For Weapons, he often uses his custom-built battle axe(though from time to time, he will pick up a firearm). The battle axe does not exceed the sharpness of Epsilon's own Flamberge, but here's something interesting: The axe itself is hollow, with a thickness of about 50 millimeters. At the end of the axe's butt is a small 1,500 Amp electric motor and a small cache for fitting specialized capsules filled with an extremely conductive, gelatinous material. When the gelatin has spread itself throughout the entire insides of the axe, Berle can switch on the electric motor, and the axe is suddenly electrified with the might of a lightning bolt(1.21 Gigawatts). It's so strong, the axe's haft is reinforced with heavy industrial grade rubber to protect Berle from shocking himself.

In addition to this mighty battle axe, Berle also uses his mutant power in battle. When he gains enough velocity, combined with his mass and a telekinetic shielding, Berle willl suddenly be capable of throwing off many types of attacks and blowing away anything up to ten times his own weight and density. The strength of this power is proportionate directly to his velocity. The faster he moves, the stronger this ability becomes, and vice versa.

However. there is a major flaw in his power. This invincibilty only keeps which parts of his body are the most dense unscathed. Any part unequal in density is subject to some or a lot of damage. The majority of his density is focused in his horse like torso: If he were to get blown apart when using his power, only that horse torso would remain perfectly intact. Since he utilizes his own arms and upper torso frequently, he has mass-equalizing actuators built inside of him to help distribute mass evenly between the equine torso and his upper torso.

Another flaw is that he is vulnerable when immobilized. Amputating the legs will disable his power instantaneously. Extra armor plating has been added to the legs, and magnetic fluids are pumped into the legs to balance out the added weight to his legs.

As a final note, take notce on his breast plate. That is the insignia of the Renegades.

C&C well Appreciated!
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We can always rocket him to death, if short range is his calling while long range is our calling! ;p