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Avice Blanche, Lady of Valor

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Whee! More Mutant 59 stuff!

This is a major character in the Mutant 59 series. Not now, perhaps, but she will play a major role later.

You're familiar with Phalanx already, an organization of mutants under the rule of the Renegades. It's a network so expanded that it can run on its own without the need of Renegade Political rule. Though Mutant Zero is technically its leader, nine subleaders called Hoplites rule Phalanx and serve as governors for Renegade Territories. They represent the nine virtues the Renegades follow: Valor, Chaos, Cunning, Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, Truth, Worth, and Life.

The majority of Phalanx is composed of human acolytes eager to earn the favor of the Renegades, mutant vigilantes who will fight for the Renegades to the death, and of course, Lords and Ladies beneath the Hoplites. Lords and Ladies serve as heirs to the Hoplites to take their place when the time calls for it. Every Renegade keeps about three or four of them, and will rank them as most qualified based on their performance as leaders to their people and the Renegades.

Avice Blanche is the leading contender for the position for Hoplite of Valor, and Berle's most favored Lady. She governs counties with a leninent but firm hand, and provides slaves with jobs at higher wages than usual, if not beyond standard political practices. She follows the knight's code of honor, valuing the ways of old, and respects both enemy and friend equally. Though her armor is designed to fight off kannist weaponry: a reflective breast plate with durasteel chain mail and a gladius sharpened to the last molecule, she is uncertain that she could withstand kannist energy weapons for long; so she ultimately considers those who use guns for fighting as a sign of cowardice and dishonor.

C&C well appreciated! ^_^ ( that I look at it, I think I made her arms too long...or something. I don't know. O.o)
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You make this pose looked really nice (despite the minor flaws in the anatomy) and also you write good bio profiles too...
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THanks, considering I thought of it in five minutes.
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First of all, "slave" = no wages.

Second of all, it seems that someone with actual valor and crap weapons would be useless to the Phalanx. What skills does she have that are of use to them?
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Good job at the design and the upward angle of the face. Face angling can be a pain in the ass. Not a bad job curving lines in perspective when you have a line going from the foreground to the background.

OK, now the technical. The body is long and the legs are short. The overall hight of her seems to be ok, but the individual proportions are what's throwing this off. Also, her background leg is touching the ground too close to her foreground leg making it look like the left is stepping on the right. The top of her head does look a bit squished in at the sides, but for the most part you can get away with it. It also seems like you draw with small/short strokes with the pencil. That's similar to how I do it as well, but it can make a mess out of lines that need to be longer. For longer lines, try drawing from the elbow or shoulder rather then the finger or wrist.

Hope that helps, later dude.
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Yeah that helps a lot. Ever since I've been using this posemaniac site, my proportions seem a bit off. O_o

But thank you for the insight. It really helps.
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I'm not familiar with the site.

You're totally welcome; I'm glad I could help.
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[link] there you are. :D A dude showed it to me one time.
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Alright, I'll check it out, thanks :)
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