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Aquarius III: Rainbow Jellyfis

Wheeee! More Aquarius III Concept Art. Here we have The Poseidon going through the ocean close to a swarm of Rainbow Jellyfish, with Idai and Atari nearby to have a good look. Rainbow Jellyfish have no known natural enemies, except maybe the Knuckled Squid which considers these things, according to Brine Lab communications with the species, "a very good food", which they assume means a rare delicacy.

Rainbow Jellyfish are pure survivors. They can close their bodies entirely and shut down their metabolisms, causing them to fall into a deep hibernation. When in this state they are impervious to the effects of extreme temperatures and radiation. It is said it could be impervious to even the vacuum of space. The only other species known to do this is the water bear.

They migrate across the oceans of Aquarius III flowing with the currents. Only when temperatures are within tolerances do the Rainbow Jellyfish open up again to feed on the bacteria with their tentacles. Once they're finished feeding, they float out of the hot spot and begin to drift again in the currents, closed once more.

It is interesting to note that the bacteria they consume results in an bioluminscence which gives off an entire pattern of rainbow colors. The sight of these glowing jellyfish is striking and adds a sort of beauty in the dark, lonely waters of Aquarius III.

C&C well appreciated! ^.^
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That is really beautiful. and considering that I am in a star Trek state of mind as of late, I gotta say its very nice to see you did a great job buddy