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Aquarius III: Brine Sea Labs

Continuing on from the previous deviation, about a mile below the surface, this is located directly under the surface base, and where the real fun happens.

That giant center box structure is the hangar, quarters, kitchen, mess hall, meeting room, and security. the left structure going down is their primary battery supply, and mechanics help to keep that in check.

There's also another hatch outside the main structure which crew members go out and inspect the base. Just outside the hangar is a fuse box and some air tanks which feed air and power into the sea lab and surface lab. By coming and going from the base, however, it uses up their life support, so they make sure to plan trips wisely.

To the very bottom, you can see the observatory, Where scientists go down just to watch te see activity as viewed by fluorescent lights. Some tube worms and other organisms have taken home to their lab, attracted by its warmth.

To the right is the basic submarine dock and suit storeroom, where from there, they go out and explore the great ocean of Aquarius III! :D
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