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Aquarius III: Brine Ground Lab

It's a concept I've been struggling with for about a year, trying to come up with. This theoretical moon is set on a planet that has actually been discovered in the Ursae Majoris system, here: [link];PlanetId=16

The third moon of the planet, it has no atmosphere, but it does have a ice-rock based surface about a mile thick. It was discovered by a rift probe and, after a long process of paperwork and approval, a science team was sent out on a five-year contract to learn more about the world, for the discovery of intelligent life, commercial opportunities, and/or natural resources worth attaining under the rules of the Imperial Conservation and Research Pact(ICRP), in the Science Division Code Conduct Manual.

Here on the surface of Aquarius III is the surface lab, where scientists will occasionally journey out in space suits and specially adapted rovers to have a look out of the surface. The left section is where the space rover enters and leave, and has to be pressurized and unpressurized whenever someone comes and goes. It also serves as a meteorology, geology, and seismology lab. Those two scientists are driving up to check the ice's temperature and water depth to make sure their presence hasn't caused any changes in the delicate ecosystem.

o the right of the rover garage/lab is the space dock, Where ships land and are taken down an elevator about a mile down into the hangar. Those beacons around the base are positioned for incoming ships to pinpoint their location. That antennae on the lab serves as a two way radio to that Probe over there, though it takes about a few days for Kannists to get an answer from any local bases. They're a bit far from their home, see. They currently have almost no way to supply themselves with enough power or food and they're still dependent on the Ten Empires Science Division to provide for them.

C&C well appreciated!
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