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This is a sketching of Jonas's sword master, who had died on the frontlines in a tremendous world war. His death had inspired Jonas to enlist into the Space Force, much to the dismay of his friends.

In this bleak future of mankind, firearms are becoming much harder to continue manufacturing. Mining of metals and minerals is growing less and less every day. Due to the limitations, not only have the prices of firearms increased, but they've been restricted solely for military use only. But on the contrary, the production of swords has once again been rekindled. Civilians are allowed to carry blades in their homes, and the business of sword making has begun to boom.

Jonas sparred with his teacher for many years with training sticks before he went to the frontlines, and upon his death, Jonas inherited his teacher's sword. That is how Jonas is skilled with sword fighting and where he got that sword from.

Well, that's all for now on this one! C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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We got one tough customer here, the thick nose and broad chin make him very masculine :)
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Hehe, awesome dude. That's assuring. :D
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So wait, there's not enough metal for firearms but there is enough for lotsa swords? :confused:
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Oh, perhaps I should explain a bit more.

They've been having to recycle metal stuff just to either make guns and ammunition, but it's getting rather tedious. They have to resupply ammunition more than firearms, and are finding themselves melting down firearms to get bullets. They've even used wood and rubber and plastic bullets, but none of them have quite the effect.
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Wood, rubber, and plastic would burn, melt, and melt in the barrel of a gun. Know anything about firearms at all? That thing that happens in the barrel is literally an explosion.

Anyway, I still don't see how they'd have no metal to make guns with yet still plenty to make swords with. Swords take more metal than a machine gun with a full magazine.
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I told you they were recycling what metals they had, right? :P
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Yes, you did, but you said that they found it easier to make swords with the recycled metal than firearms. WHY THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE
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It's not that the guns weren't hard to reproduce. It was the ammunition. They found to it too difficult to continue supplying ammunition for common use.
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Ah, I see. So it's not really the lack of metal that's the problem so much as the difficulty of producing ammunition at a consistent rate. Gotcha.
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Mhm! Getting ammunition is becoming hard to get anyone's hands on. Guns are rather useless without bullets you know? Except for beating people senseless with the butts.
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I bet he could wield a light saber real good.
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Hmmm...maybe. Adley was way better than Jonas, even after he had left for the frontlines.
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