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AV-15 Knowall halftrack

Of the many worlds inhabited by the Ten Empires, Knowall is by far one of the most backwards. Many years behind in technology due to remoteness, poor economy, political oppression and a lack of proper resources, many of the advanced gadgets are imported while their tech level is equal to 24th century Earth.

The 15th model of the Avalanche class, this Knowall based vehicle is rather dated compared to the militia of the Ten Empires as a whole; however, the high explosives they yield contain a material with twice the potency of C4 Explosives, capable of penetrating tough Renegade defenses. As such, when Knowall went undersiege, orders came in to reproduce it right away.

The machine uses hydrogen-based fuel as its powersource, along with an electrical battery for powering the mounted battery-powered laser an the electronics inside the vehicle. It has special tires for gripping ice and mud, four-wheel drive for rugged terrain travel, and can max out to 85 mph. Armored cameras on the sides of the drivers seat feed visual imaging to the crew members in the back. Four men man the equipment in the back, while on drives and the other issues commands.

C&C well appreciated! ^.^
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I want your vehicle so much. Let me ride it, man! :D