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AH-05 Dreadnaught

Drek-Ajikk AH-05 Class Dreadnaught

The AH-05 Class Dreadnaught is the 5th model of the Asteroid Hunter Class. It is a ressurrection of an ancient model of a class of starships no longer in progress. Many centuries ago, during a series of atomic wars and arms races, a similar dreadnaught serving as sort of a patrol capital ship helped to sustain peace throughout the systems through very dark means. The pros and cons of redeveloping such a ship had been argued for years between the Joint Staff and the High Council. Only recently had the High Council signed a contract approving reproduction of the ships, and permitted sponsorship by the Drek-Ajikk Shipyard Coporation.

Though mainly designed to go on solo missions, the Dreadnaught has been dragged along fleets for Planetary missions as a final means of ending conflict. It's excessive dependence on solar energy makes it useless in deep space missions, serving better within planetary systems. Its unstable nature ushers a word of extreme caution to all who would dare travel with the AH-05 Dreadnaught. The more experienced officers keep a good distance from these Dreadnaughts.

In ancient times, it had been feared by many for a good reason. Now, the AH-05 lives up to its ancestors, serving for space to planet warfare, though it may serve as heavy support for fleets if needed. Armed with the latest forms of planetary bombardment weaponry and some of the more dangerous atomic-grade weaponry, it has rained death upon those who would dare defy the Ten Empires. Only a reckless fool would incur the wrath of this monstrosity.

Slightly larger than the RA-12, The AH-05 possesses more auxilary engines and mobile thrusters, making it more agile than the RA-12. Its Corona engines bless it with a much faster speed as well. Much like the RA-12, the AH-05 also has a five O-Stage system, though it functions much better at some of the higher stages, to take advantage of its lethal firepower.

For galactic high speed travel, it has been equipped with the latest models of Rift Drive systems; however, it is also programmed with a safety system, prohibiting courses into deep space but still storing them within its hard drive.

Against smaller craft, it is equipped with prototype neutrino bolt dischargers all located on the sides. Much like Chemical Laser turrets, Army Grunts must man these, but are required to wear radiation gear when using them, like all crew members aboard the dreadnaught. It is an unstable weapon equipped with a particle accelerator which concentrates neutrino particles into a cracking blast of radiation. It has a limited range but ships foolish enough to get within the blast will take radiaoactive damage. It also emits EMP in its wake, frying circuitry in computer systems. Like the majority of the weapon systems, it must be shut down when its prime source of power is shut down. It also comes equipped with Four Gr. III Proton Power Bomb Launcher racks(A close equivalent of the Hydrogen Bomb with twice its power), two EMP cannons, and two Gr. II ESB-100 Launcher racks.

It's only real non atomic weaponry are two Mk-III plasma cannons and six MK-III Ion Disruptor Cannons, its real primary weapons. While normally all weapons systems must be shut down to use even one of these ion cannons, its prototype Cold Fusion Generator network when running will allow an almost endless barrage from all weapon systems, even all at once, if only for a short period of time. Almost immediately after, though, the ion cannons must be shut off in preparation for standard Primary Power shutdown.
It houses an EM Shield generator, protecting it from most renegade physical weaponry, along with a standard energy shield generator. Like with the destroyer, the EM Shield Generator must be shut off in order to use weapon systems and for dispatching fighters. While armored with Karmonzium, the AH-05 itself is completely lead-lined, making it less of a hazard to neighboring ships. As a final resort, the ship can use its Manta Cloaking systems to render it invisible under the normal spectrum, but can be targetted with X-Ray imaging.

It has a hangar, but the ships stored here are mainly for either repair and maintenance or for the purpose of an emergency evacuation. For the purpose of self defense, it has racks filled with space combat drones, each armed with two ESB-5 launcher racks and a mobile MK-1 Laser Cannon. The Dreadnaught can hold about 200 of these machines. When activated, they will surround the Dreadnaught at specific key weak points, and defend against enemy attacks until they're destroyed. They've been designed to be immune to the Dreadnaught's own radioactive weapon systems, so they will not be accidentally destroyed by the crew.

For attacks within the ship, marines help sustain order, but they are required to wear powersuits adapted to withstand radiation, as calls for standard protocol.

An argument by the Joint Staff about the Renegades potential use of cyber-weapons lead to the development of a learning anti-virus and firewall system which adapts to potential threats with each time it encounters a possible hacking. Lab tests have shown it proving 50 percent effective against even the powers of Mutant Zero, but whether it could be on an all-out assault at his fortress remains to be seen.

Should the Renegades ever compromise the data and circuitry within the Dreadnaught beyond recovery, a fail-safety program was built inside that would shut down the ships' systems completely(save life support).


This ship relies not on one power source but three. A series of segmented solar mirrors gathers solar energy while a chamber with wet-cell batteries provides pure, electrical energy. These auxilary power systems are what the computer and life support systems work off of.

The primary source of power, however, fuels the rest of the ship. With the aid of the Energikes, the Kannists have invented a primitive form of cold fusion. It is capable of generating limitless amounts of energy for a period of time when battle systems are activated; however, the Kannists haven't discovered a way to stabilize it yet. The use of its heavy weapons puts a tremendous strain on the Cold Fusion Generator, resulting in a gradual flux that would result in a meltdown. Primary power shutdowns are common protocol, with computer controlled circuit breakers shutting down the generator when they go slightly beyond safety levels. Radiation gear of the highest quality is required to operate within the cold fusion generator.

Should the circuit breakers fail to shut down the Cold Fusion generator in enough time, Emergency protocols must take place. Escape pods are in place, but the crew will turn to the emergency shuttles first. A five minute timer will initiate before sending the ship's computer activates the rift drive, sending the Dreadnaught inside and having it self destruct within the void.

Living on the Dreadnaught is not easy. Every crewman's room is lined with lead and are allowed only to sleep for eight hours straight. After common hygiene is practiced, they must visit the infirmary for daily checkups in case of possible radiation poisoning. Then there are morning constitutions, practice drills, and then finally getting back on the job. At all times, when venturing outside floors and rooms protected from radiation, radiation suits must be worn. Regardless of when they remove their suits, whether they're going to lunch or seeing the doctors or going to bed, chemical showers must be taken soon after. Any form of disobeying standard protocol will result in decrease of rations, solitary confinement, or increase in work hours.

That's all for now. C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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Im sure one of my empires ships could match yours....nah Im just boosting! But yes a very....very detailed design to your ship. I do like the idea of them being very drill like. it has amazing capacity for forward fire potential. As well as most angles around the front. However Im curious if a rear mounted assault would render a lot of the ships weapons out of line of sight.