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AH-03 Battle Cruiser

One of many schematics yet to come. The purpose of this is for use in my webcomic, Mutant 59

This is a Drek-Ajikk AH-03 Battle Cruiser. Manufactured from its jungle homeworld, Drek-Ajikk, it is the 3rd member of the “Asteroid Hunter” Class Starship family, and the current model used today. The Asteroid Hunters were originally built to counter against dangerous cosmic objects(I.E. Comets and Asteroids.), but now they've been slowly modified for the use of open war against the Renegades. Like all ship designs from Drek-Ajikk, this model shares a clunky and somewhat energy inefficient design; however, it's superior firepower, armor and defenses all make up for this.


The AH-03 is packed with dual Elliptical Corona Engines and a trio of Starship Fusion Thrusters(used in emergencies) all in fixed positions at the rear. It also has two sets of auxilary engines for turning. The first are ten mobile twin fusion auxilary engines all fixed around the front of the ship. For back up use, there is a set of over 250 vents around the nose of the ship. It uses high-speed gas propulsion to help the ship turn.

The AH-03 lacks the abilty to turn quickly in space, simply because of not only its weight, but how the Corona Engines outpower the mobile auxilary engines. Computer controlled O-Stage shifting gears help to balance it out, slowing down the primary engines when turning, and accelerating when going forward. It's really quite simple: all the pilot for the cruiser must do is pull and push on the steering wheel(A set of dual joysticks.), and the ship itself will handle the rest.

It also comes equipped with the Kannists' newest Rift Drive, which can calculate coordinates ten times faster than the recently dated model and store more than 1,000 probable starcharts and locations.

Weapon Systems
Armed to the teeth in weaponry, the AH-03 includes a variety of chemical laser cannons, from the standard MK-I Laser Cannon to the Four-Barrelled MK-III Pulse Cannons(Used in key weak points). In addition, it also comes equipped with Seven ESB(Energy Smart Bombs)-200 Launcher racks all located around the sides of the AH-03. Both of these weapons systems are used mainly against smaller craft.

For use against larger targets, the AH-03 has a set of several prototype MK-I photon beam cannons. Powered by two domes of segmented solar-mirrors, it focuses solar energy into a deadly beam of searing light. As tests in the R&D labs suggested it is twenty five percent more effective than the standard MK-V Plasma Cannons used on Starships, technicians claim it will replace standard plasma cannons with 4 dekacycles, but the Joint Staff remains unsure of its use, as the Battle Cruiser must venture out into sunlight to absorb an enormous amount of power(If the solar cannons were completely out of juice, it would take a full cycle to recharge them.). As a side note, The AH-03 possesses a Mk-V Plasma Cannon on the rear.

Finally, the ship comes equipped with four Mobile MK-III Ion Disruptor Cannons. It gathers power throughout the ship and converts it into a devastating blast of electrical energy. While it is mainly used against larger ships, it has been used for planetary bombardment as well. It has been renowned for turning the tide of battle quickly, but the greatest downside is it requires reverting all power from other weapon systems into the Ion Disruptor Cannons. And for a matter of seconds, there is a risk of electrical static disrupting some computer systems, but that is dependent on the point of impact and the ship's distance from it.

Overall, it is a well armed starship, but the majority of the ship's weapons are focused on the sides and the bottom, leaving the rest of the ship vulnerable. There are some turrets stationed and energy shielding is concentrated more on those areas; nonetheless, the Cruiser has to rely on fighter squadrons for defending those spots. It can store up to ten squadrons in both of its hangars(One of the hangars is just below the Corona Engines.)

Defense systems
It has three sets of high powered energy shield generators along its hull, generating a high form of protection. Due to its inability to stop physical weaponry, however, the shielding proves ineffective against most Renegade weapons, but its four layers of Karmonzium well makes up for that. It comes with two hangars to store fighter squadrons and maintanence ships, and has over 50 hatches for escape pods in case of an emergency. For docking purposes, it also has many personnel airlocked doors scattered across the ship. Renegade Cyborg Grunts and Androids often make use of these doors for capturing ships, so Grunts and Marines are stationed near these key areas.

The AH-03 has enough room to house two whole brigades of infantry, and their quarters are centered deep within the ship for better protection. The Kannists depend on Marines to defend the ship from within, but Grunts are required to man the stationary turrets, as they require manual use.

The AH-03's main source of power is through several fusion generators, all looked after carefully by technicians and drones alike. This network of Fusion generators which personnel access is on one half near the end of the ship. Below it is the cooling system and other parts of the Power center. It is heavily dependent on water for cooling, and so they will have to make trips to local planets to replenish supplies every two weeks.

The power center is lead lined with 1.5 Meters of plating for protection from radiation. Radiations suits are standardized when working in the power center. If the fusion generator were to enter a meltdown, the engine itself can be detached and sent into space to detonate while Kannists perform other emergency protocols.

Um...due to lack of time that's as far as I'll go with this one. C&C well appreciated! :D
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Tactically warp behind it. Unload some rail shots into its engines. See how it likes that! >.> Ill read it later and come up with a better responce...being...silly right now.