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nausicaa, howl's castle n' shit, totoro, BH6,
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gravity falls, Bones, Psych, Steven Universe,
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Toby Fox, Caravan Palace, Kazoo Funk Orchestra, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,
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Howl's moving castle, the doomsday book,
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fuckign ???
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undertale, pikmin, fallout, cave story, splatoon, subnautica, skyrim, stardew valley, ACNL, bittrip runner, OFF, portal 2,
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markiplier, world building, jewlery making, cooking, game making, puttin gon makeup and then taking it off again for 30 GODDAMN MINUTES before deciding not to wear it cause I look ridiculous,

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I aint leaving! Just like Tumblr, I'm staying on this broken boat till I drown, but I know some of you are! And if any of you want to still see my work on other sites or just like, stay in touch or w/e, here are all my socials and shops and what have you: Tumblr http://wrathberries.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/wrathberries Twitter (NSFW) https://twitter.com/nsfw_berries Instagram https://www.instagram.com/berries_of_wrath/ Facebook Page (art) [link] Facebook Page (Jewelry) [link] Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/tesspicks/ Artfight https://artfight.net/~wrathberries Toyhou.se https://toyhou.se/wrathberries Di
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I wanna buy a book thats way out of my price range and also I wanna get out of the near-red in terms of finances atm Im boutta post some mystery box commissions with a price range of $15-$100 depending on the pack you get who's interested. Comments have m

8 votes
I am intrested!
I am not intrested!
I am interested but not gunna/can't buy em! (which is ok)
I am so interested I would like you to note me when you post them because I want to buy a mystery commission pack. (Comment below so I can note you when it goes live)
I am so interested and plan on buying one but I do not want to be noted!
Tennyson, this is stupid, do something else.
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Ok I realized that I actually had 4 more fusions from the last batch that I never finished!!! Look forward to those!! So all I have to do left is: 2 Commissions 4 Fusions 1 Request Homework ad infinitum
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Hi, I know that you are a busy person and I don't know if you will respond to this comment XD, I have seen your character Kero Kitata and I find it very cute and adorable until I like it when she closes his eyes, it is very unusual to see artists using Keroro Fan-Characters since in their time they used it a lot and today unfortunately nothing of that is seen. ^^;

I just created a character of it, but during these years I have been using a Yoshi since 2012 but it is boring more than not being able to say it, I do not know if you would be interested in talking with me, because I am bored although I think you will have things pending to do, I imagine. lol
Hi! If this is about your commission it would be best to talk through notes, but regardless I have finished the lineart and will get the finished colored version to you sometime this week. It is midterm season so I am rather busy with school and I apologize for the wait. 
It’s fine. Take your time. 👍
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