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Infrared bridge

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Tried out my girlfriends new infrared filter.
Image size
700x700px 328.36 KB
Shutter Speed
300/10 second
Focal Length
50 mm
Date Taken
Nov 7, 2007, 3:28:24 PM
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The entire composition, colors (lack thereof) and lighting... is just... wow. Seriously wow.
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congrats, your art has been featured here: [link]
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ive got an ir850 filter, itd take me an exposure of a week to get a shot at F.22 lol
amazing shot the reflection was caught rather perfectly infrared is really good to get into i suggest spending the money on the filter its well worth it
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Hey, amazing shot! I have a question though. OK, I bought an Infrared filter (HOYA R72), and I have a Nikon D40, which I assume has similar (just less) features compared to the D70. I tried taking a pic but it keeps turning out all red. I also tried setting the white balance to a pre-set setting and it still does the same. so how did you make it look like that?

Once again, superb shot! :D
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Perfectly well !!!
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wAaaauw its really beautiful!!!!

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Love the infrared.
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What kind of a camera do you use and filter? THis is if you dont mind.
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Awesome photo, very dream like. :+fav:
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Featured this wonderful photo in my journal. :rose:
If you don't want to see your work there, just let me know.
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wow this shot is amazing....
im just a beginning into learning o nthe different things u can do with photos...how do i get started to do an infrared filter...
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Very lovely picture. That infrared filter creates a dreamlike athmosphere. *_*
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Excellent picture. Nice and clear
I remember when I use to use infrared 35mm film. It's alot easier taking pics with digital.
You don't even need the filter. Some programs like photoshop have a plugin that will make any picture infrared. There are also plugins and standalone infrared programs. Thought I mention it in case you already have paint shop pro or photoshop etc..
Keep in mind the filter is the better option, because as Tim said you can see what your taking at that point.
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Looks great! ;)
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Ok im clueless to how to do IR photo's but I really want to get into it.

2 questions.
Can it be done with a Nikon D50?
If so, what do I need?
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long time ago I realise, buttttt



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im fair sure it can, and id go for a hoya R72 infrared filter.
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OK so its not like a setting on the Camera itself. Just the Filter?
Sorry I am brand new to digital so I know nothing.

Thanks for the help.
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yeah its just the filter, put it on and only infrared light can get into the camera. ive got a d80 and im gona get an infrared filter soon coz ma mates got one and their so cool.
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AWESOME! Thank you very much for your help. :)
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no problem :) oh if you put an infrared filter on ur lens, because you have an slr you probably wont be able to see anything throught the viewfinder, just to let you know
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it will still take infrared pictures though and you'l be able to see the picture when its been taken.
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