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SGR Chapter 262: Humanity Terans Terrans TauRi Tar by SheldonOswaldLee
Shepwraith by rmdrake
3rdatlantisf by rmdrake
Mamoru by Moonshadow-Phantom
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SGG Chapter 63: NWB New Wraith BreedsThe growing number of new Wraith casts and classes, as well as overall new structures of buildings and vehicles was categorized by the Genii as so called New Wraith Breeds (NWB; Novus Irae Genus) overall and could come in various shapes and forms. Not all still existing hives had all of them and some clearly copied from one another, leading to similar models and ideas with varying results. While some Spiculum Wraith had become so called Super-Warriors capable to also shoot bone-like darts out of their feeding holes as a form of protection, as well as long-range attack of pray and enemy alike, others found different means to serve their hive. So called Parasitus Wraith managed to assault their enemies with a small parasite, part of their body that directly linked them to the Wraith Hive Mind and allowed them to puppet control them, so they would no longer run, hide, or fight them, not even during culling. While earliest models still were in need of connecting the parasite to themselves as well as the targets nervous system trough a sort of nerve-tentacle, later models could use it like telepathic Wraith mind linking from a distance once the small parasite hit the target and connected with itís nervous system, making them a whole new danger of infiltration and taking over. Some even hid themselves to then sneakily attack whole Genii patrols or groups at once and lead them back to were other Wraith were hiding and waiting. Unlike the tentacle ones that could partly burrow a few meters trough the ground and then launch and connect to unsuspected victims, the longer-range spike-parasite shooting ones needed a more direct line of sight and attack. At the same time the neural link with the Wraith Hive even worked when the original Wraith was killed of, but the parasite still inside the host, meaning that the Genii soon tested if their soldiers could infiltrate the hive link, by implementing some of this creatures to their nervous system willingly and that way retrieve vital intelligence about the Wraith enemies of various rivaling Hives. Doing so wasnít without danger, as only the strongest minds could resist the calling of the Hive and not be overpowered by his mental call and suggestions themselves. Other new types of Wraith were Raptum, which came in two forms, one more tank like, burrowed in the ground and one flying one like a Dart. Both were piloted and could grab unsuspected victims with their tentacles, up to ten in total and drain their life energy simultaneously, to later give it to Wraith who would feed upon it, feed their pilot directly, or simply take the Culling target with them to the hideout or location were the rest of their Hive were gathered. Because of that they were called Culler Upductors by the Genii Confederation and itís Military.Quit bulky vehicles, that like Darts could take a couple of shots and actually would use captured individuals as living shields, later versions of them would be upgraded to have the Wraith transport technology inside their tentacle-like insect claws or legs to take even more people with them even faster. Their Wraith Dart likey flying version was called the Capto Wraith and much more agile, faster and dangerous then the Darts or Raptum themselves. While as large as a Dart it could fly and use itís tentacles and beams to abduct whole villages and small towns in an instant to quickly leave with them for Culling by Wraith waiting elsewhere, often so fast the Genii were unable to even react in such speed. Another new type of Wraith unit were the Cepitus, similar to Darts and artillery ships of the Wraith, but serving more like a bomber role like the Tauíri used them or even the Goaíuld in Alíkesh. Like the bigger long-range artillery ship they looked more manta-ray-like, even if they were much smaller and could fire Wraith canon-like energy out of what Genii soldiers often referred to as their forward mouth. They were a clear answer of the Wraith to heavily fortified underground bunker positions of the Genii Confederation, to crack them open and engage the humans inside to cull them. At the same time they had so thick muscle, bone and outer skin armor, that regular Genii anti-air weapons beside rockets had quit a hard time damaging them, let alone bringing them down without own heavy air support by Genii fighters, bombers and even (Traveler) space ships of their own. The Genii assumption was partly right as the Wraith, much like their larger artillery-ships also used it to fight other Cruiser and Hive Ships of rivaling Wraith Hives.
Wraith Cruiser Tech Breakdown Part 2 by Spinobreaker
Rosanna and Markus by delia-lama
Wraithy X-Mas by silverbullet72
Commission: Wraith Commander by R-Legend
Space Delicious Team photo +Collab+ by atlantisdesetoiles
A Selfie from the Pegasus Galaxy by Ganjamira
Great Hair needs special Care - Outlines by Ganjamira
Hiveship Holidays 2020 by Draco-Stellaris
Trouble with Earth Authorities by Draco-Stellaris
Just your ordinary day on Hive 53 by Draco-Stellaris
Words fail me - Outlines by Ganjamira
Cosplay, LARP
P1040137wm by theassassinnox
P1040113wm by theassassinnox
P1040106wm by theassassinnox
P1040095wm by theassassinnox
Costume design
Black leather uniform by KaHa-77
Black uniform by KaHa-77
(SGA) Wraith Queen dress - black/silver by KaHa-77
Fireshade uniform artconcept - colors by KaHa-77
Pegasus Stargate + Dart - handmade Pendant by Ganjamira
Iratus SGA by KaHa-77
Wraith  Rhys, Shawn, Todd. by tatyankaWraith
Souvenirs by tatyankaWraith
Fanfiction and Journals
(SGA) Avatar, Commander... and Queen - book cover by KaHa-77
SQM Chapter 292: NID in control? by SheldonOswaldLee
SGR Chapter 260 Terran or Tauri Patriotism by SheldonOswaldLee
Between - The last chance (book cover) ENG by KaHa-77
Snow Queen by WhirlwindVio
Beloved Pets by Moonshadow-Phantom
Playing in the Snow by Moonshadow-Phantom
Of Mice and Men by WhirlwindVio
Sensual Artwork
Hemintas and Aritas(Star Gate Fanfiction) by Kakunosenmaru
WRAITH from TV show
Wraith by LUQWE
WRAITH from Legacy Books
Alabaster and Guide by silverbullet72
Young Wraith by LordXanathos
Wraith technology, ships, interiors
The manta- Experimental wraith scout ship by atlantisdesetoiles
Other Works: stamps, pixels etc.
Stargate Atantis - gate by KaHa-77
Photo editing and layouts

Mature Content

Dreams. (Bob the wraith) by tatyankaWraith
A sleeping Wraith or in hibernation. He's pretty! by hesterdewray
Wraith related
COMMISSION INFO: Limited time avatars by Varjopihlaja

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Welcome to the Hive!

We are a Wraith fan club created to share fanart and fanfiction on our favourite subject: the adorable greenish folks from Pegasus galaxy.

The Wraith are an alien species from the TV show Stargate: Atlantis.

Basically they're the bad guys but we think they deserve attention and thorough research, not to mention affection. ;)

We always welcome new members. If you want to join our group please read the rules:
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Please check also our off-site affiliate:
Wraith Never Ending - a site for fans and CosPlayers of the Wraith. --> <--
The Wraith Defenders Club Project - Wraith name list and links to information about all Wraith actors, compiled by members of the forum -->…<--
Draco Stellaris -…
Indiliel -…
Leeta Cakes (aka AdaDirenni aka Weskers Shadow) -…
Loser Inc (Wraith Queen Incy) -…
Mysteria Wraith -…
Taenadoman -…
Tatyanka Wraith -…
The Hiveship -…
ElsaTheWraith -…

:star: Searching for another Stargate-related group? Try here:… on :icongrouple:
is here: There is still 5 door that need an artist ! The calendar need you ! Please help ! This year theme is RPG! Show your amazing LARP costume, RPG scenarios, Characters portraits and others fun little parties sheanigans ! All the old calendar are still there, in the index, just for your pleasure. Some minor bugs on them have been fixed.
Thank you to all !
Hello everyone. Hope this year was nice and good for you despite all the bad stuff happening everywhere!
In less than two months, the Stargate Advent Calendar 2022 will begin. This year theme is RPG. Time to show a beautiful portrait of your favorite tabletop character or a nice or/and goofy photo of yourself during your last Stargate LARP. Time to narrate this hilarious anecdote during this peculiar session of RP four years ago, where captain Jameson sniffed a weird lanthean artifact and fell in love with McKay's toilet bowl. Or if you are a GM (Gate Master) maybe you could treat us to a nice short scenario, to play with all our SG dream-teams ?
I need your help to create these little delicacies - by the fans for the fans! Specifications:
For art and photos : max 1500 px X 1500 px, 72 ppi, JPEC or PNG. Please give me too your artist name and a link to your gallery or site or something.
For text: Max 1500 word, .doc/docx/odt With the autors name, a eventual link to a fanfiction site, other writing site, and if it's a RPG sceanrio a link to any eventual extern system (like GURPS, Stargate coalition, etc)
Please send me your creations by MP to keep the surprise for everyone !
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