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SGG Chapter 63: NWB New Wraith BreedsThe growing number of new Wraith casts and classes, as well as overall new structures of buildings and vehicles was categorized by the Genii as so called New Wraith Breeds (NWB; Novus Irae Genus) overall and could come in various shapes and forms. Not all still existing hives had all of them and some clearly copied from one another, leading to similar models and ideas with varying results. While some Spiculum Wraith had become so called Super-Warriors capable to also shoot bone-like darts out of their feeding holes as a form of protection, as well as long-range attack of pray and enemy alike, others found different means to serve their hive. So called Parasitus Wraith managed to assault their enemies with a small parasite, part of their body that directly linked them to the Wraith Hive Mind and allowed them to puppet control them, so they would no longer run, hide, or fight them, not even during culling. While earliest models still were in need of connecting the parasite to themselves as well as the targets nervous system trough a sort of nerve-tentacle, later models could use it like telepathic Wraith mind linking from a distance once the small parasite hit the target and connected with itís nervous system, making them a whole new danger of infiltration and taking over. Some even hid themselves to then sneakily attack whole Genii patrols or groups at once and lead them back to were other Wraith were hiding and waiting. Unlike the tentacle ones that could partly burrow a few meters trough the ground and then launch and connect to unsuspected victims, the longer-range spike-parasite shooting ones needed a more direct line of sight and attack. At the same time the neural link with the Wraith Hive even worked when the original Wraith was killed of, but the parasite still inside the host, meaning that the Genii soon tested if their soldiers could infiltrate the hive link, by implementing some of this creatures to their nervous system willingly and that way retrieve vital intelligence about the Wraith enemies of various rivaling Hives. Doing so wasnít without danger, as only the strongest minds could resist the calling of the Hive and not be overpowered by his mental call and suggestions themselves. Other new types of Wraith were Raptum, which came in two forms, one more tank like, burrowed in the ground and one flying one like a Dart. Both were piloted and could grab unsuspected victims with their tentacles, up to ten in total and drain their life energy simultaneously, to later give it to Wraith who would feed upon it, feed their pilot directly, or simply take the Culling target with them to the hideout or location were the rest of their Hive were gathered. Because of that they were called Culler Upductors by the Genii Confederation and itís Military.Quit bulky vehicles, that like Darts could take a couple of shots and actually would use captured individuals as living shields, later versions of them would be upgraded to have the Wraith transport technology inside their tentacle-like insect claws or legs to take even more people with them even faster. Their Wraith Dart likey flying version was called the Capto Wraith and much more agile, faster and dangerous then the Darts or Raptum themselves. While as large as a Dart it could fly and use itís tentacles and beams to abduct whole villages and small towns in an instant to quickly leave with them for Culling by Wraith waiting elsewhere, often so fast the Genii were unable to even react in such speed. Another new type of Wraith unit were the Cepitus, similar to Darts and artillery ships of the Wraith, but serving more like a bomber role like the Tauíri used them or even the Goaíuld in Alíkesh. Like the bigger long-range artillery ship they looked more manta-ray-like, even if they were much smaller and could fire Wraith canon-like energy out of what Genii soldiers often referred to as their forward mouth. They were a clear answer of the Wraith to heavily fortified underground bunker positions of the Genii Confederation, to crack them open and engage the humans inside to cull them. At the same time they had so thick muscle, bone and outer skin armor, that regular Genii anti-air weapons beside rockets had quit a hard time damaging them, let alone bringing them down without own heavy air support by Genii fighters, bombers and even (Traveler) space ships of their own. The Genii assumption was partly right as the Wraith, much like their larger artillery-ships also used it to fight other Cruiser and Hive Ships of rivaling Wraith Hives.
Wraith Cruiser Tech Breakdown Part 2 by Spinobreaker
Rosanna and Markus by delia-lama
Wraithy X-Mas by silverbullet72
Space Delicious Team photo +Collab+ by atlantisdesetoiles
A Selfie from the Pegasus Galaxy by Ganjamira
Great Hair needs special Care - Outlines by Ganjamira
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Hiveship Holidays 2020 by Draco-Stellaris
Trouble with Earth Authorities by Draco-Stellaris
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Words fail me - Outlines by Ganjamira
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Stargate Wraith Warrior by ViperMk1SC
Wraith Queen with crossed arms by WhirlwindVio
Sith/Wraith cosplay by KaHa-77
Fans and cosplayers by Tomin1991
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(SGA) Wraith costume 34 by KaHa-77
(SGA) Wraith Queen Redswan - official dress by KaHa-77
Costume 3 colors by KaHa-77
(SGA) Wraith Queen dress by KaHa-77
Stargate Wraith hive ship miniature by tomperys
Wraith hive by tomperys
Wraith hive by tomperys
Wraith hive by tomperys
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Between - The last chance (book cover) ENG by KaHa-77
SGG Chapter 64: Wraith ArmadaWith Camelot operating under the Genii Confederation, the Wraith realized that the city-ship could once more pose a nuisance or threat to them and some of them combined their forces in an attempt to hunt down Camelot and also find the secret hideout of the last human enemies occupying the Lantean city-ship. When they found the city-ship of Camelot, they started massively assaulting it with their Wraith fleet to eliminate itís engines and destroy it once and for all, maybe even capture a few humans to ensure they could learn their secret hideouts from them. With Camelot under high alert, the Genii manned their battle stations and tried to fight the enemy Wraith Hive Ship, Cruisers and smaller fighters and bombers. With their defenses of the city-ship itself, as well as Genii anti-air guns positioned in vital parts of the main city towers and piers, the defense was as strong as it could get under the Genii Confederation. While the outer defenses shot down as many enemy Wraith ships as possible, the internal Genii engineers and mechanics had all hands full in securing a stable energy flow and all systems operating as intended. With the shield of the city-ship nearly collapsing under pressure of the Wraith Armada, the Genii soldiers in the outer parts of the city were ordered to retreat back inside, heavily weakening their defenses there. To reinstall these defenses, even under enemy fire the city-ship dives into the atmosphere of a nearby habitable world, while at the same time advising their Wraith soldiers o use the space suits and diving suits breathing apparatus and masks to re-man their defensive positions on the outer pier as fast as possible. With the Wraith firing heavily upon the shields of Camelot, the recovered ZPM work hard to keep up the shields and a constant fire at the same time as maneuvering around the enemy Wraith fleet. Unwilling to give up Camelot or the Battle, the Kolyaists shoot everyone doing as much as suggesting to evacuate or flee. Instead they retreat collapsing outer Pier defensive lines and continue to fight back ina tighter inner city-center circle against the Wraith, leading to some destruction of the outer parts of the city now without the shields. Right in time a Genii fleet arrives to take some of the pressure up from Camelot and engage the enemy Wraith fleet assaulting the city-ship. With combined firepower they concentrate first on the bigger Wraith Hive together, as well as a few more outside Cruisers and Artillery-ships that are unable to be covered by their allies because of their position and rather exposed and surrounded by enemy Genii forces instead. With this tactic and strategy the battle final turns into a Genii victory, albeit a very costly one. At the End of the battle most Wraith ships are destroyed or fleeing, with Camelot heavily beaten itself. The remnant wreckage's of the Wraith ships would be partly scavenged and studied by the Genii Space navy afterwards. One of the Wraith remnant ships, named the Pelliparus by the Genii, was even partly repaired and rigged enough by the Genii to have it operate as a secret scouting and undercover missions behind enemy Wraith lines were the would operate under cover and hiding. As they were however unable to fully repair it and to disguise most of their own as convincing Wraith for to long, as other Wraith could sense the lack of their Wraith presence then, combined with problems in operating all of the ships engines, weapons and shields at the same time, they would only use the Pelliparus very cautiously. Partly because they didnít want to risk their crew and the captured and repaired ship, partly because it was also an ideal object of studying and testing new weaponry on a living, organic bio-ship of the Wraith that they could further heal and rebuild later on much easier then their own damaged ships created out of inorganic materials. Thanks to it the Genii could test new ship-to-ship weapons of their own, including drilling torpedoes that then released a biological or chemical agents inside the enemy ship to weaken itís regenerative healing abilities overall, or new types of anti-ship guns that not so much shot trough the organic wraith ships, which was easier for them to heal with the outer,-most hull service, but actually burn larger parts of their hull, therefore making it much harder for them to regenerate such inflicted damage and heal overall.
SGG Chapter 62: Camelot in BattleWith Camelot finally in their hands, captured trough trickery and deception a few months prior, the Genii sought ways to power it up and use itís massive weapons to inflict further causalities upon. To keep Camelot operational however they needed ZPM or similar power sources and while the Genii Linguist Danyel Yoannesson had good knowledge of the Lantean and Wraith languages to understand and operate the city-ship of Camelot. To do so whoever, they needed Zero Point Module (ZPM), something they lacked and the Tauíri had brought with them in large enough numbers, but destroyed upon the Genii taking over the city-ship itself. Because of that the Genii needed to secure this energy source for themselves on worlds of the Pegasus Galaxy, in an attempt to stop some of the bigger, larger and more dangerous Wraith Super-Hive ships powered by such weaponry to dominate other Wraith groups whenever the Wraith found such ZPM. Without enough and powerful enough ships to otherwise stop such Wraith, the Genii needed ZPM, but luckily for them some of the former Wraith who had become human thanks to the Anti-Iratus Virus were willing to help them out with some information were their former fellow Wraith kin stored some of those as artifacts from the Lantean-Wraith War, intending to use them in times of need like this. With the address of this planet, Genii Commander Badra Codil and her Platoon would be able to secure the power source for Camelot once and for all they hoped. On the other side of the Stargate, the Astria Porta itself was cut of from the mainland on a small peninsula by a bridge, which allowed the locals to completely isolate it should the Wraith only send scouts on food for their culling the Genii assumed. It was observed by a dozen people hiding in the forest on the other side at all times and they quickly spotted and greeted the Genii as fellow humans. With some Genii soldiers leaving behind to cover their route of escape and retreat they followed them to their local monk, who claimed the Genii had come to steal the holy relics they had found hidden in abandoned Wraith facilities so long ago. A brawl occurred but some of the locals, who believed the Genii helped them prevail against their priests and uncover that part of the church-temple itself were covered in Wraith symbols clearly build upon an earlier ruin, or even Wraith structure the locals had found long ago. Symbols and places like these had been found by the Genii plenty among Wraith Worshippers and by using their own Genii with partly Wraith genes in them, they managed to activate a hidden passage underneath the structure, leading into a more Wraith-like underground complex. There some cocoons actually held a few Wraith in Stasis, who were shot and blown up by the genii before they could wake up and assault them and Genii Linguist Yoannesson acted quickly to translate and hack into the Wraith computer the best he could to get the sealed away ZPM out of the storage units they had been hidden down here. That some of this Wraith former Hive members and now Humans had given them some information's and codes clearly helped them to speed up the process and beside some data, four whole ZPM could be taken and brought back to the surface temple with them. However taking the ZPM out of there and transporting them back up to the surface had accidentally activated a safe-file that blew up the temple and the underground complex itself once the Genii were gone. Most likely it had also alerted other Wraith nearby on the world, in orbit or nearby ships in the surrounding systems. Nearly escaping the explosion itself, a group of Wraith warriors, stored away in the transporter now also emerged around the Astria Porta, but the Genii who had stood back at the Stargate itself were manage to overwhelm them in a hard and costly fight for themselves that saw a few Genii soldiers die among the emerging Wraith fighting them. As the Wraith had stunned some of them, the rest needed to take them back to the Gate, but Commander Codil nearly shot them to simply leave them behind and hurry to escape with the ZPM, when the Genii linguist stepped in between her and the unconscious Genii, convincing her to quickly take them with them to the nearby Stargate and then escape all together. Badra herself was amused, as the bearded Genii Linguist she had believed to be a bookworm, Danyel Yoannesson had not only shot and killed a few Wraith and Wraith followers himself while translating and operating their computer the courage to stand up to her and tell her straight in the face that he believed her to be wrong. She liked man like that and would begin a relationship with him, not knowing that he was an old, believed to be dead sworn enemy of the Genii Confederation undercover fooling her and the rest of the Genii. With the taken ZPM, Camelot would be powered up, engage and destroy the Super-Hive before it reached and culled the nest human world.
SGG Chapter 61: Mutabilis and Lateabilis WraithWith fewer and fewer hunting ground to cull humans, the Wraith themselves experimented with new weapons and subgroups of their own, including other classes and casts besides warriors in the lower ranks. One such new cast and sub-breed encountered by the Genii was the Mutabilis Wraith, or so called Wraithchanger, a Wraith capable of blending in with most human populations, bot by looks of hair and skin colors alike, as well as lacking or being able to conceal the typical Wraith openings on their cheek and hands to be seen as mere Humans. Capable of using their mental telepathic abilities to read human minds and infiltrate them even better, they were a true danger, as they could infiltrate even well hidden underground bunkers and unveil their secrets to the rest of the Wraith by giving them their locations telepathically if they were close enough, or by building devices that could secretly emit signals the Wraith then could pick up. They were even partly capable of eating and digesting normal food, at least to an extend, captured ones would later show they had an overall enhanced human gene part in them compared to other Wraith. At the same time this meant they were less capable of healing, or as long living as other Wraith, a sacrifice the Hive made in exchange for them being able to blend better into human groups they needed to infiltrate. It also proved that the general faith of the Wraith in their regular human followers and secret supporters was dwindling, most likely because the Genii Intelligence had used undercover agents to infiltrate some of these groups. Because they were able to blend in so good and trick other humans, the Genii had little chances of finding Mutabilis Wraith at first, often only by catching them in the act of betraying their group, often meaning it was already to late and other Wraith were coming to their secret hideout, or by implementing some advanced Lantean scanning technology, as normal life-sign detectors not always could show what species or animal these life-signs were from directly. Because of that finding a hidden Mutabilis Wraith was not always a easy task, but sometimes behavior and mannerism could give them away, as could the single arrival of another supposed human or a small group of them in an enclosed society and group that normally did not trade or interact with others to much. Another method for Wraith to secretly see were humans were running and hiding was the usage of some of the organic bio-engineered material they used for their buildings, vehicles and ships. It had the ability to detect organisms stepping above it and could either rely that information of general direction or distance directly to Wraith nearby trough psyonic link, or at least be seen as a means to inform a nearby console or scanner connected to them depending on how big grown ans sophisticated they were. Some of this Pelnervorum (meaning nerve skin or reacting skin and nerves) called squishy ground could even be burrowed underneath the surface like spreading Fungi, meaning there was little to non way of detecting it without digging holes into the ground as it was often so docile and small that it even could trick life-detector scanners of the Lanteans. To further implement this a new sub-cast and class of Wraith, so called Lateabilis Wraith were capable of hide and hibernate inside of the Pelnervorum sacks (Saccus), that worked similar to their cloning and hibernation chambers and sacks inside their buildings and aboard their ships. The Wraith hiding in them could stay behind and be feeder by nourishment from the Pelnervorum going into the, often a result of it feeding upon smaller animals on the ground and in the earth. While not filling a Wraith up it was enough to let them hibernate underneath and then lurk out to grab an unsuspecting human walking over the Pelnervorum near their Saccus to cull on them and then retreat and hide back inside, like a sort of living landmine. First encountered on Iratuia, the Genii learned soon that more and more Wraith Hives implemented these advanced tactics to follow and infiltrate humans hiding out so they would be able to cull them.Because of that the Genii, inspired by Wraith Drones invented the ACM (Anti-Cull Mine) an explosive mine-vest worn by soem of their soldiers or even volunteer civilians in a group that would react to such ambushes by running towards the single attackign Wraith or small group of them to detonate and take the unfeed and therefore unabel to regenerating Wraith with them, or at least hurt them enough to ensure the other survivers could then take them out.
Mindless Drone by WhirlwindVio
Caprice and Wintersun by WhirlwindVio
Snow Queen by WhirlwindVio
Beloved Pets by Moonshadow-Phantom
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Hemintas and Aritas(Star Gate Fanfiction) by Kakunosenmaru
WRAITH from TV show
Spike Sketch by Beyworld101
WRAITH from Legacy Books
Alabaster and Guide by silverbullet72
Whirlie by WhirlwindVio
Wraith technology, ships, interiors
Wraith Harbinger Cruiser by RedVit-Productions
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Wraith lives matter by Inthractus
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Welcome to the Hive!

We are a Wraith fan club created to share fanart and fanfiction on our favourite subject: the adorable greenish folks from Pegasus galaxy.

The Wraith are an alien species from the TV show Stargate: Atlantis.

Basically they're the bad guys but we think they deserve attention and thorough research, not to mention affection. ;)

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Hello, fellow worshippers. I'm currently working on a small campagne for stargate coalition (a really nice french RPG that allow you to play a wraith and lot of others creatures). The campagne will be release in PDF, with a small printed batch (which mean a real publication. Can be nice for artistic credits as you can said you have been published). Saddly, there is no payment (because, it's all made by fans for fans, and the price only cover the printing price). This campagne is an horror themed one, where the player discover what hide deep down the dark oceans of New Lanthia.
We are speaking of glowing thoothy giant fishes, old long forgotten sunken civilization, and of course, some creepy wet wraiths. Some of the subject that could use some art are: Lanthian submarines and scuba equipement, New lanthia aquatic fauna, Sunken ruins, Wraith scuba scaphander and diving weapons, weird alien techs, and more.
If you are interested in participating, please contact me for more details. There is the link to the base book for coalition: (They have already edited a nice atlantis campagne named Paxos, with lots of wraiths in ! )
The advent calendar has still 4 empty sloth. The 4 lasts ones. If you have the time, inspiration and good will, please help me complete it !
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