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Warhammer 40K: Conquest Box Art

By wraithdt
A box art done for the new WH40K Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games.

I was pretty stoked when I got the chance to work on a 40K box art and for the core set no less. This is a big battle scene between the Dark Eldar and the Ultramarines led by Cpt. Cato Sicarius. Hope you guys enjoy it.

You can check out the game here >>…

Used under authorization and copyright of Games Workshop Ltd.
Published by Fantasy Flight Games
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© 2014 - 2021 wraithdt
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Mann this is so good, is this a colab?

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Can't help hearing Cato Sicarius voice in this xD
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I only know that it's him because of a certain text-to-speech device.
Dark Eldars? ok so i don't care if they all die..
Purge all xenos
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I, Cato Sicarius will slay these foul xenos because I, Cato Sicarius cannot allow such filth to pollute the galaxy at large and threaten humanity! Wuwuwuwu-
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1/10 Not enough Cato Sicarius
Excuse me, but you must mean that it is one of the greatest deeds the Chapter has ever accomplished! And it was thanks to I, Cato Sicarius, because that is what it is! And I, Cato Sicarius, was thinking that it was the most righteous time to remind you that I, Cato Sicarius", to be your rightful heir as the new Chapter Master
This is amazing! I do art as a hobby and I don't have an account on here or anything, but I'm getting to the point where I really want to take my art further, maybe read some books (no time or money for training just now!) Are there any particular books or tutorials you could recommend?
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everything about this art is wonderful. You are extremely talented and you are putting your talents to good use.
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I love the dark elder being held up by the dreadnought Clap 
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Is this a specific Cabal?
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Super Draw and pictures:) (Smile)
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I love this epic battle between ultramarines vs dark eldars.

Aaaaaaaweeeesoooooomeee art work.
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I really hate Cato Sicarius. He's such a tool in the books! He leaves standing orders with his company that they're not allowed to kill enemy Warlords because HE wants the glory of it. Leading to Marines purposefully not defending themselves against a Chaos Lord because Sicarius called dibs! 
I can't wait for him to be killed off. 
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Love the centurion I have 2 but there both imperial fists.
(I play the board game)
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Epic! Breathtaking Art!  Worship 
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This, boys and girls is what it looks like when Dark Eldar lose. Well done, you're sense of proportions and perspective is impressive.
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The eldar jumping out of the ship in the background is my favourite part. 
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