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Th Nazi Occult - The Tome

By wraithdt
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I recently retrieved some of my old work files from when I was still with IFS so I decided to share some of them here with you.

This is one of a number of plate illustrations I did for Osprey Publishing's Osprey Adventure series. This one in particular is for The Nazi Occult book. Pls note that although these works may seem somewhat historical they're mostly fictional in nature.
Not exactly sure what's happening here but apparently the book is some sort of tome on necromancy. Consequences of reading it, death or loss of sanity. Done in 2012.

Copyright of Osprey Publishing
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SS Gruppenfüher: It's beautiful!

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just recently bought this good book and enjoyed your brill illustration work:+fav:

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insert Raiders of the Lost Arc joke here

They just read the funniest joke in the world!

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*points to the tome* "He chose.. poorly."

Yep, I felt like I had to do an Indiana Jones dialogue line. I also choose to type that the details, lighting, and overall atmosphere, are pretty darn sharp in your picture.

Also, that f*cker shouldn't have read through my diary. ;p
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Well, looks like these guys didn't see "Raiders of the Lost Ark"...especially the last scene to have their ilk in it.
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"What is this video called? Two Girls, One Cup, what a weird name for a video. Why are you filming us? Hey, this is kind of hot! Wait, what is she doing...."
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whelp, those guys should have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark...
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Ah, so that's where My baby pictures went, Schultz, could You give those back please.
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I believe that book is the Necromonicon, a book which supposedly devours your soul if you look in it.
Ugh the Necronomicon isn't even real the entities in it aren't real duh..
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Did I say it was real?
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I did nazi that one coming
Trolmaster's avatar
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That joke was a bit out of Mein Kampf-ert zone.
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Well they deserve it! 
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Woah! This is really cool. I love how the hint of light guides the eye around the piece. Fantastic work!
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I see they found my fanficts.
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Didn't learn from the Ark incident, did they?
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