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December 27, 2008
Springs of Cresson by ~wraithdt is an astounding painting full of life, emotions, and a wonderful perspective. The details and movement really bring out the action in this scene!
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Springs of Cresson

Here's a piece I started about a year ago but never got the chance to finish it until now.

Its my own depiction of the Battle of Cresson which happened just before Saladin's victory at Hattin in 1187 during his campaign against the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The knight in focus is the Grandmaster of the Templars, Gerard de Ridefort, who was one of only a few that survived the battle.

If you're interested you can read about the battle here :-

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Gabi-Lorenz's avatar
Great composition! Dynamic and likewise focused. Lov it.
Dreadalous's avatar
This piece is beyond amazing. Do you do concept art for films? cause that's what it looks like
Pyrrhic-Illustration's avatar
Gerard de Ridefort, how the hell did someone like that become grand master of the templars.  an order that had a history of competence and effectiveness, I'm guessing he bought the position.  a case of corruption, just the whole cadre of him Guy de Lusignan and Sybilla was just the most perfect recipe for disaster.
wahidubaidillah's avatar
amazing artwork....applaus from me
HamzaRasol's avatar
heard that the commander of the army that was in this battle was no Salahadin,but one of his son.
The-Ironwing-Kaiser's avatar
This kinda reminds me of one of the battles that I heard......somewhere. It's not the one said in the description though.
Fillburt's avatar
Great work, as always. It's interesting to think what would have happened if Saladin would have been defeated this time a la Montgisard. But of course, the long term would remain the same as the Crusaders were just too few in number.
sushan89's avatar
Love the perspective on this one! So cool! :wow:
thepalehorsman234's avatar
Never heard of that battle before. I'm more a Hattain or Arsuf fan.
NomadiCortex's avatar
not sure about the catholic blah, templars, you have no idea!

Great software art!
Simon7jonG's avatar
Really dramatic well done!
Tygerson's avatar
Wow! It feels like I'm being pulled right into the battle!
Ard3113's avatar
I have not seen so much daily deviations more deserved than this. I feel happy for having found it while foolin' around here.
earltheartist's avatar
Amazing I admire a person who loves art at the same has a tremendous interest in History.

You are a person to be remembered by your art and your love for the past.

Hathien603's avatar
Hathien603's avatar
Fantastic perspective and action! Lovely work :heart:
lunaradiance's avatar
Amazing piece. Thoroughly impressed.
MonsterBrand's avatar
you've been featured in my journal, here: [link]

Hope you have a happy birthday! :)
Nightbringer24's avatar
Read about this in history class. That was epic and this picture really shows the speed and ferocity that medieval battles were fought with.
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