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Rebel GR75 Medium Transport

By wraithdt
Card Art for the now defuncted Star War Galaxies Trading Card Game.

Copyright of Lucasarts Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment.
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© 2012 - 2021 wraithdt
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Very good. I have drawn a lot of spaceships, including a lot of unarmed ones, but right now they're trapped on facebook or on paper.

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I have found this draw there is a long time but I didn't know it's yours : I love it !
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Whoa. Really cool.
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The frist transport is away!!!!!
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"The first transport is away.  The first transport is away."
The nipple cannon is my favorite scene.
Thats a Rhea jump freighter!
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Te hee the transport for some reason always reminded me of ice cream waffle cones,  Also

You've inspired me to draw some more star wars stuff!
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The Ion cannon will fire shots
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Transport 1 is away!
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That's gotta be Hoth, right?
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I remember seeing the Rebel Transports from the second and third Star Wars films. Before I read some of the books, I used to call those vessels the "Fish Ships," not to be confused with Fish and Chips. I only called them "Fish Ships" because they reminded me so much of fish. Someone at ILM called the Rebel Transport the "Tuna Boat."
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The Star Wars saga (episodes I-VI and soon to be VII) is above and beyond awsome.
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I loved these fellas.
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Awesome. Are they arriving to set up base or evacuating under emergency conditions? I love stuff that captures that in-universe feel of "operations underway," whether it's dramatic or mundane. :D
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A ship is aking off in the background so Im guessint it's the evacuation.
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You have been featured here. I hope that this is OK :glomp:
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a foreground!!!!
its awesome but the negative space in the foreground is distracting (for me atleast)
maybe add a dark rock or something that points towards the ship in the foreground ?

awesome work tho ;)
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This was for a card art so the foreground was meant to be cropped off. No point painting something if its going to be cut out anyway.
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ahh ic.. awesome work then :)
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