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Pepper Morning

A piece I recently finished. Since I joined the IFS team I decided to do this tribute piece to one of Artgerm's characters, Pepper.

I went for a rather different colour palette to what I'm used to; a little more cheery and poppish to my usual stuff. Done in photoshop CS.

Crits and comments appreciated.
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Very nice color palette, I wouldn't have guessed you were unpracticed with the cheery lighting and comfort in this
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I love the look of it!!!
Woman Celebrate National No Bra Day
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Cute and bubbly. I love the color scheme.
Absolutely gorgeous picture! Love how you handled the blinds shadows.
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Glorious :33 Please, please, please, can I try to redraw it? :3
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awesome I like the styleLa la la la 
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Can I use it on my website?
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Wow. Now that's cute!^^ Very beautiful!
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I really love your use of complimentary colors! This is a great piece!
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This is a really nice piece of work.
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Very nice. I like your subtle use of scenery to reinforce the cheerful, pop-esque atmosphere--the rounded window with the sunlight streaming through the windows, the use of springtime colors on the walls (that crisp red stripe running along the verdant green of the wall), etc. Atmosphere counts for a lot, and your use of brighter colors really creates the atmosphere that you were shooting for.

And then there's Pepper herself, who you've succeeded in making both cute and sensual all at once. I especially like the way she seems to be half-waking up, half winking at the camera as she straightens up and stretches, her subtly-unkempt hair tumbling over her face like a silky red waterfall. And, of course, there's the fact that you've kept a consistent color theme with her in the cherry-red of her shirt and hair, in which the robin's-egg blue of her shirt's decal, her eyes, and her underwear really stand out.

In summary? A very nice bit of tribute work. I'm putting this in my faves, and no mistake.
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Wow! Just love it! That`s a sight to wake up to! ;)
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damn she's hot....
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I <3 Pepper. And like how you captured her here, very nice!
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GAH! I love this character!
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