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Mara Jade Skywalker

By wraithdt
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Here's a rare fan art piece I did of Mrs Skywalker. She's one of the coolest female leads in the Star Wars mythos but its too bad she died in the novels.

Notice she's using Luke's original lightsaber, the one he lost when he fought Vader, which he than retrieved later on and gave it to Mara.

Hope you guys like it.
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everything is perfect! the design, the texture and strokes...everything is so completely well put together and wonderful. i've never seen mrs. skywalker before, and i thought i would never get that chance, but with your wonderful artwork, i can see how strong, powerful and loving the woman must have been. i love the way you drew her to look so feminine and strong all at once. the lightsaber was drawn to perfection. her gloves and outfit is put together so incredibly, that i'm having a hard time thinking this is just fan art! ^_^ i also love the hint of her goggles and scarf around her neck! this is truly a great work of art, and the more i look at it, the more i wish i could've seen mara jade in action in a movie or game! BRAVO MY FRIEND!!! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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Vision: She looks so young and beautiful, Mara Jade. What sucks about her is that she gets slain by her own nephew, a.k.a. Darth Caedus. Mara and Luke deserved to be a couple in Star Wars and I must say it's my favorite one.

Originality: All I am capable of saying of it is... it's genuine. A true Star Wars artist.

Technique: The painting looks great. But if you zoom in, you'll see that the strokes on the painting are a bit uneven. It makes Mara look like she'd grown a beard. Fortunately, that's the only flaw in this picture.

Impact: She boasts the appearance of a true Jedi Knight on top of an Emperor's hand.
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I feel that you are helping Star Wars fans visualize their imaginations. Of all the artwork I've seen featuring Mara Jade, I consider yours to be canon. Every-time I read a Star Wars book I invariably think, "How would wraithdt picture this?". That said, I've never really liked Mara-Jade's skin-tight clothing. I would have liked to see some more functional depictions of her clothes.

The angle of the piece is a bit disappointing. To me it seems a bit staid. The side view angle of the hero has been used quite often, and feel that a more dramatic angle would have made the piece even stronger.

I'm no professional artist, but I love the way you've done her hair and the glow of the lightsaber reflected on her goggles. Her expression is fantastically rendered. The background is vague enough to draw our attention to Mara, but I do wish there was a little bit more detail.

Overall, this is a fantastic piece of Mara Jade. It is canonically correct, and beautifully done. It could have been more dramatically positioned, but I must also admit that that may not be the purpose of the piece.

I've favorited this piece, and wraithdt is on my watchlist. 'Nuff said.
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I absolutely love this picture! Mara Jade was one of the best characters in the Star Wars Universe, and one of the most original as well. (She was a personal fave.)

I love the fact that you used a part of the history established in the novels, using Lukes original lightsaber. Not many people even knew about that!

The technique here is awesome, she looks like she step off the screen and start swinging that saber! Mara herself is beautiful, true to the vision her creator had for her. (I'm partial to redheads, as anyone who has read my writing knows.) The costume chosen here is traditional for Mara, as seen in many a comic book or novel cover and you chose the younger Mara, which is nice as that's when Luke fell in love with her.

All in all this is a beautiful piece, stirring some nostalgic memories for me. I can truly find no fault with it anywhere. You've captured the essence of Mara Jade Skaywalker, job well done!
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Finally I know who made this! A beautiful image of Mara Jade, I have always loved it.

Never actually read the novels. 

But I always wondered what happened to that saber, and Episode 7 suggests that something nasty happened to the wielder before Rey.  I hope Mara Jade gets assimilated into Disney-Lucas canon. 
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She's beautiful!
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Excellent! Also one of my favourite SW characters.
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So you're the one who did this painting, Mr. Wraithdt!  I faved this a long time ago.  It's the best portrait of Mara Jade Skywalker that I've ever seen.  Wonderful! :squee:
MJS for life.
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It is sad that, with the new timeline, we'll never get to meet Mara Jade in the movies. 
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I wouldn't be too sure about that yet.  Daisy Ridley does have those dark green eyes, so I'll take a guess and say that it's revealed that a green-eyed, Force-strong woman named Mara Jade was Rey's biological mother even if this particular Mara didn't have red hair and wasn't a student at Luke's fledgling Jedi Academy.  It's possible. :nod:
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Girl with light saber.excelent
Too bad she no longer exists.

Fuck you, Disney. And fuck you JJ Abrams. Fuck you and your SJW agenda.
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This is a beautiful rendition of Mara. 

Mara Jade is on of my favorite red heads of fictional history. I loved the dynamic between her and Luke. I hope that, like Thrawn, we can get her back in cannon.  
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We already have a heap of story about them from the original EU books, comics and games. Why do we care what retarded shit Disney comes up with? They couldn't write a complex story to save their lives.
Stupid house of mouse! Ruined my Expanded Universe and my favorite franchise!
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I know, right? It's balls how they scrapped the entire Expanded Universe. Total bullshit!
And strange how none of the long time fans, of both the movies and EU, got royally pissed off!!!
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