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Imperial II Class Star Destroyer

And Imperial Deuce unleashing pain upon the Rebels.

Box art done for the new Star Wars Armada miniatures game by FFG.

You can check out the game here >>…

Used under authorization and copyright of Lucasfilm Ltd.
Published by Fantasy Flight Games
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this is incredible!
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This, oh this, is incredible! :w00t!:
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Hang on, boys! We're coming in hot!
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Thats an epic picture and so much to look at, love it :)
Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
Star Destroyers are one of my favorite capital ship designs in Star Wars, fighter wise Tie Fighters. I also like the X-wings that the Alliance uses
Your artwork is just amazing, it looks very real! :icondragonwant:
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That would be a sight to see.... If your not on the receiving hand of course.
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Is this meant as a playmat for Armada?
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Really awesome! But what are those purple shots?
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I want this as a poster! =^.^=
I want an Empire at War 2 so bad. This is just so cool.
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This is why I Love Star Destroyers
This is really cool.  I've always loved Star Wars space battles.
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What I wouldn't give to take a tour of one of these.
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Really beautiful!
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For the Emperor! 
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Holy crap! That is an amazing rendition of the ImpStar Deuce. Put this and the MC80 piece you just posted side by side and things skyrocket to epic level.
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