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August 18, 2015
European Vampire Hunter by wraithdt
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European Vampire Hunter

I recently retrieved some of my old work files from when I was still with IFS so I decided to share some of them here with you guys.

This is one of a number of plate illustrations I did for Osprey Publishing's Osprey Adventure series. This one in particular is for their fictional Vampire Hunter's Guide book, which I had quite a bit of fun with as got to visualize different Vampire hunters from different cultures around the world hunting their prey.

A 19th century European vampire Hunter getting his hands dirty dispatching Strigoi while they slumber; a task made all the more difficult by the striking beauty of these creatures. Done in 2013.

Copyright of Osprey Publishing
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darklord86's avatar

How could he murder such a beautiful creature?

KoiPL's avatar

If she was just beautiful she'd be safe

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I will note that this picture holds up well with the current Pandemic; the good Vampire Hunter is both masked and socially distancing while practicing his craft.

tora777's avatar
This guy better hurry up and stake her, her sisters are waking up so she can't be too far behind.
ScarletKnightReterns's avatar
Behind you dude. Someone has awoken.
This is horrific elegance, the colors, set the mood  perfectly, even the stench of death effect is spot on!Chara eye 
magicrubbish's avatar
The detailing here is just amazing . Plus, there's that vampire woman lurking in the back ground * Gives me creeps *
Feyre-Mist's avatar
Killing her, while tragic, is a mercy.  Perhaps she had no choice to become what she is, and she can't help herself now.  But if we want to save her as well as her future victims, she needs to die.

This is sad, and erotic at the same time.  Well done!
kyteki's avatar
Nice job! Looks like it could be used for card art.
yuukikusanagi's avatar
Beautiful piece. And tense too. I don't think he's making it out of there alive.
Ghastly1899's avatar
Beautiful piece.
Quiode's avatar
Beautiful Art! Btw did you made it on Pc? Which program did you used?
I hope one day I will be as talented as you are :)
Logic12304's avatar
very nice painting! :D
ROLDES's avatar
Lindo trabalho, eu adoro terror.
FemaleBosmerAlways's avatar
Very beautiful, I really love it...but Coldharbour's Daughters are just as beautiful, if not more beautiful.
Beautiful work
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Vandal030's avatar
A little bit corny but still cool artwork, good job.
it looks more American if you ask me
naomipappin's avatar
Was this inspired by Dracula by Bram Stoker's character Van Helsing? Ps amazing art style 😍
TheTrueEmperor's avatar
bru that dude needs to check his 6
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