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Estevao, Knight of Santiago

By wraithdt
A commission work for [link]

I quite enjoyed working on it. Here a little description of the character, Estevao:

Estevão is a Knight of the Order of Santiago, and one of the favorite of the Master of the Order, Dom Paio Peres Correia.
After two failed attempts in the Conquest of the Paderne Castle, Estevão crosses with Princess Rasha, daughter of Rashid, the Mayor of the Paderne Castle, and the two fall in love and plan to escape together.
But Dom Paio Peres Correia won't give up, and the final conquest of the Paderne Castle, in 1249, will change their fate forever...

THE LORD OF PADERNE © Pedro Oliveira Pinto
All rights reserved
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Helo I'am Fernando. Do you sell or make prints to order?

Corrigindo: você faz ilustrações sob encomenda?

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Ad maiorem Dei gloriam
Fine lighting detail.
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Astonishing work ! Both historically and technically ! But if the forearm lamellar protection is good-looking, this kind of piece of armor is more byzantine, I think... a full chainmail armor (lorica integra) may be more accurate, no ?
Well, I may be totally wrong, of course ! If so, I would be really grateful if you had some historical sources showing or talking about this piece of equipment ! It's not a challenge : as I practice XIII century medieval combat, fighting with a hauberk including full chainmail arms and gloves is really exhausting, and this "setup" appears to be more convenient ^^

This job is more than great ! Congratulations again :)
- Oi, what you looking, you *insert a swear word here*
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Very nice! Maybe too blond to be spanish ;)
Actually quite a few of the Iberian nobility had red or blond hair, a result of the visigoth heritage. 
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My fault and I apologize. Just like blond hair and blue eyes in southern Italy
the typical Spaniard/Portuguese (black hair, olive skin, etc) you see currently are remnants of the Muslim Invasion of Iberia.
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Nonesense. Germanic ancestry in Spaniards is very diluted, almost non-existent, even in the nobility of those times. Many Spaniards have blonde hair because they are Europeans, period. Light hair (mostly redhair) was already in Spain long before the arrival of the Visigoths. Most Spanish do not have black hair, but dark brown, the most common hair colour in Europe, and the original European one. Olive skin is usually a very fair tone, you wouldn't distinguish it from the skin tone of any Central European, adn actually recent studies have shown that Spaniards skin tone in covered areas is exactlyu the same as that of Central Europeans. Not a shock, if you trully know Spanish people and don't just know about the stereotype, adn not the actual country. The stereotype of Spaniards being dark comes from the Spanish gypsies, who are actually not ethnic Spanish, since they were originally from India. The muslim invasion left no genetic ancestry in Iberia. Brown hair and eyes are both the most common and the actual original traits of all Europeans, and a common trait among people from the Mediterranean region. It has nothing to do with Muslim invasions, it is the Mediterranean look, common to may Europeans, not just the southern ones. It is the most ancient European look, period. Those blonde haired blue eyed Europeans are the newcommers. Your typical Spanish/Portuguese, looks nothing like your stereotypical Spanish/Protuguese. What you consider to be "typical" is not typical at all. Stereotypical =/= typical. Most of the time I bet you couldn't tell the difference between a Spaniard and a Frenchman even if your life depended on it. 
Also a certain amount from the Romans and pre-Roman peoples yes? 
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It's a pity he hasn't got a sun tan...joking aside, it's a good piece of work.
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why can't I find the moment of history in anywhere on the search engines?
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Soy medio gallego, me ha encantado ver tu trabajo
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Cool :)
Next one a Templar or a Hospitaller maybe? B-)
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Justine Timberlake
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