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Elf Warfare Cover Art

By wraithdt
Cover art for Osprey's next book in their fantasy warfare series.

Unlike the Orc and Dwarf, I went for the fantasy approach with the Elf design but subconsciously I might have injected some Ottoman Turkish elements in this. Hope you guys like it.

The book is on preorder and you can check it out here>>…
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© 2016 - 2021 wraithdt
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Very nice!  Love your art.
I shouldve worn condoms on my eyes to see this cos art it's so fucking beautiful.
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A properly armored elven woman, now that is something special you do see all the time.  And I don't mind you adding in some real world flavor in the Turkish elements.  I am sure that most people wouldn't be able to notice where it came from.
Thank you for sharing.  And also to Osprey to allowing you to share.  Some companies can be picky about that I heard.
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This is awesome
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yes it is very nice!
Love it! Very grounded and realistic, yet fantastical all the same. 
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Got the book, love the art.
Gorgeous artwork!
How good to see a fantasy bow in the right size and  that would not break when drawn. Despite the "fantasy approach" the girl still look (in)credible.
A bit of technological critique though... the bowstring nocks are on the wrong side of the limb they should be on the outside - the back of the bow. Away of archer. otherwise the string could slip when drawn.
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Thank for that. I'll keep that in mind next time.
I have a great opportunity for all.....
its really amazing.. 

UT  - Giggling Mettaton NEO F2U Icon 
must try it here+++++++++        
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The shading is absolutely beautiful :heart:
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