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Cthulhu Wars - Operation Starfish

By wraithdt
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A new series of illustrated plates from a recently released book, "Cthulhu Wars" by Osprey Publishing. I worked on these a couple years back but because release of the book was severely delayed for some reason unknown to me I am only able to show post them up here now. Not a fan of Lovecraft's work but I honestly had a lot of fun working on these and learned some things about the Cthulhu Mythos. I hope you guys like them.

Pacific Ocean (Jul 9, 1962)
A spawn of Cthulhu emerges from the ocean as the crew of American scientists and navy personnel watches from the deck of USS Iwo Jima. Destroyers unload their payload of shells and torpedoes on it while nuclear weapons are deployed to stop the monstrosity.

You can check the book out here>>…

Copyright of Osprey/Bloomsbury Publishing
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Come forth a monster of our own creation: the king of monsters himself: Godzilla

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“They can tac-nuke Devil’s Reef/But that will bring no relief!/Y’ha-nthlei lies deeper than they know!”

That’s good work, wraithdt.

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The artwork is super nice but considering that a yacht gave him a messy lobotomy I'd expect a nuclear explosion to obliterate the big guy....Ghostbusters and Star Trek really nullifies Cthulu's fear factor.
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They all seem a bit too easy in the face of imminent death ;]
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This is one of the coolest pieces of art I have seen on this site. Just... awesome.
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When they nuked it, they didn’t missed. 

It just wasn’t enough.
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Time to try antimatter.
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It's just a spark to this inter dimensional god

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It looks like they missed it by a few miles.
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(someone call the Russians, their Nukes are HUUUUUUUUUUGE)
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xD Fun fact: Every single nuke in the world combined would be far, far away from being enough to scratch Cthulhu's skin
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Fun fact : read the description. Its a spawn of cthulhu. So it could still be killed.

As for cthulhu yeah he would eat nukes for breakfast.....without milk!

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Oh, a spawn made at the exact image of himself, isn't it?

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Fun fact: in the original story Cthulhu was pwned via steam boat ramming.
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Fun fact: No. It is stated that only an Outer God could truly destroy Cthulhu, as even if humanity did manage to destroy his whohole body, he'd regenerate out of nowhere within a few hours. It is also stated that anyone who looks at Cthulhu will be completely immersed in madness, and their sanity will evaporate completely. And with "anyone" I mean "Any existing being except for other cosmic entities".

Anyways, if you have a link to that "original story" where a steam boat "pwns" a gigantic Old One by ramming him, please give it to me.
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The story's called "Call Of Cthulhu", and is written by H.P. Lovecraft.
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I've read it, Cthulhu is just mencioned and the only thing that "appears" is its cult, statues and stuff
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that's not going to work...
great picture!
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Okay, all the humans should now be completely blind and are gonna die of radiation poisoning.
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